Thursday, May 1, 2014

Graduation Festivities part 1

 It all started (Thursday April 24th 2014) Diane and Reed got here on Thursday late afternoon and we went to Chef Creole for lunch/dinner. We went to the cove after and put our feet in the water, we went to bed early because we had to get up at 6 am for the boat that we rented in the keys. The sunrise on the way to the keys was so beautiful, I wish I was a professional photographer because my I phone does not do that sunrise justice. :) Every body snorkeled except me and Paisley, I kept an eye on everyone in the water and then got a little sea sick so laid down for a while. I started feeling better and when we stopped to find a fishing spot me and Peyton had the best time jumping off the back of the boat into the water. On our way back to return the boat Peyton said Mom that was fun jumping off the boat with you! I am not very good at it but when I let myself be young again I connect with my kids on a whole new level.  We ate at Dairy Queen on the way home and then stopped in homestead to show Tex's parents the town home we are trying to buy. My Parents flew in that afternoon and we met up with them around 6:30. 

 To say paisley's life jacket didn't fit was an understatement, she only lasted about a minute in it before we took it off. The boys loved the times when the boat was going fast, Tate put his arms out and yelled " This is the life!!" Reed had never snorkeled before and he did great, way better than me my first few times. Diane loves it and has the best time when she has her noodle she could probably stay in the water all day. My sweet baby did great on the boat it was hot and we were on the boat for 4 hours and she was happy for most all of it and then feel asleep for some it too. The water was clear and calm and so blue, we were suppose to go out on Monday with my family but the wind was so bad we couldn't go. I wish we could have because it something you will never forget.

We went to Chipotle for dinner with every one and then home to bed because Saturday was Tex's Graduation. Saturday April 26th will go down in history as one of the best days ever. Me and the boys got to hood Tex during the hooding ceremony. We got to walk on stage with him, it made it so real for all of us and every one in the audience must have loved the boys because the applause was crazy! We didn't get a great photo of that so when we get it from the school I will post a picture.

                                                      Doctor Brent Monroe Evans
 Doctor Charles Sutherland is a member of the church and was in our ward but is also a professor at Barry University he played the bag pipes in the beginning ceremony's, we got to take a picture with him witch was really cool. It unbelievably hot and sunny out side, it made for really sweaty pictures. I snapped a few pictures with Tex and two of his good friends Latif and Raj. I am so thankful he had good friends to go through this long journey with. They had refreshments at the gym so we ate and then went home to change, we went to back to the cove to cool off. 

                                               Tex and his buddy Raj Rammohan

                                           Tex and his buddy Latif Nurudeen

  Aunt Star, Diane, Tex and Tate all snorkeled while mom and dad cooled off in the warm water. I sat on the sand with my mom and some point during the afternoon and thought to my self holy cow my husband is a Doctor!! I remember thinking that the last 4 years were never going to end and now that it is over I don't want it to end. I have grown to love the high rise building all around us, the water that is right across the street, the busy streets at all hours of the night, good friends who all have kids my kids age and are all going through the same faze of life that I am. I know we can't nor would we really want to be in school for the rest of our lives but I am not or have ever been great at change and moving to a new part of Florida and trying to make new friends and lots of nights alone while Tex is at the hospital kinda makes me sad. We went to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner Saturday night. I love my family and Tex's family. I feel so lucky to have married into this amazing family and have such great support from both sides. We had lots more fun Sunday through Tuesday but will have to write more later.

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