Thursday, July 30, 2015

The first week of July

 July 2nd- It was kinda crazy how so many of my friends from Florida all ended up being in Utah at the same time. Some of them live in Utah others were visiting like me but 6 of us were all able to get together at our friend Jen Isom's house. She lives in Provo Utah, My best friend Brittany Andersen, Genie Swenson, me, Jen Isom, Callie Miner and Carrie Richins. Carrie drove 4 hours from Idaho to be with us and it was so fun to see and catch up with all of them. 21 kids between us, Holy buckets!!

 I love this girl so much!! Her husband was  2 years ahead of us in med school so she has shown me the ropes plenty of times. We served together (with Jen Isom) in Young Women's and even spent 3 days together at girls camp. She loves me for me and doesn't judge. She is the best example of living the gospel, Her Faith astounds me and I feel so blessed to have her as a friend.
 July 3rd- ( above) Another amazing day with friends that we are so lucky to have. The Barbosa family have known us for almost 8 years and are kids played together when we lived close. Even when we have lived apart which is a good portion of the time we have known them they are still good friends. When we see each other again its like no time has passed. Miche had a great idea to do a lemonade stand with cookies and my kids were all over that idea cause they are obsessed with making money. They each made $8 dollars that day and even though it was hot I seriously cant say enough how relaxing and fun it was to sit in the shade with my friend and talk while the kids tried to wave down there next costumer.
 The 4th of July (below) - We had a very yummy BBQ with some festive looking food, took pictures in our Patriotic t- shirts and then went to my Uncle Todd and Aunt Julies house to do some fire works. I was bummed that my sisters didn't come but who could blame them they were with there YSA ward watching some pretty awesome fireworks. Paisley absolutely loved the fireworks. After every one she would say WOW!!! and clap her hands. I have always loved the 4th of July and the fireworks so it warmed my heart to see how much she loved it! Peyton loved the cookies they had to eat and Tate loved playing with his cousin Jared. We did the little sparklers after the big ones were done. It was amazing to be with family.

still trying to catch up

 June 24th Me and  my sister Bethany took the kids to the living aquarium, we met up with my Friend Miche Barbosa. It was lots of work to make sure we had all three of the kids going in a million different ways, we didn't have a stroller for Paisley and she was squirming to get out of my arms the whole trip but all in all we had a really good time. I don't think my sister knows how much it ment that she came to hang out with us and her help was unbelievably helpful too.

 Later that day I went to the store for a few things and Peyton passed out in the cart. The funny thing was when we got home from the aquarium I tried to get him to take a nap and he would not go for the idea at all. O well he got a little snooze in the grocery store.

 After his nap and dinner we went out side to play in the sprinklers, Paisley was loving it! She loves to be with her brothers and do what ever they are doing. It was super hot so they played for quite a while and I loved watching them play.

 We spent a ton of time at the pool over the summer, what made it so memorable was going with my sisters. Some times my mom would watch paisley while she napped and me and my sisters would just go with the boys. Those were some of the best times cause the boys would do the diving board over and over so I could lay with my sisters and soak up the sun. They are super fun Aunts as well so after a while they would jump in the pool and play in the water with the boys. My memories of the summer will have so many fond ones at the Taylorsville pool.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Track meets and Grandma & Grandpa's 60th wedding celebration

                 Above- June 19th, Peyton got a hair cut! Also the boys had there first track meet. It was super hot but we found some shade and had a blast watching the boys run. We had lots of supporters, Aunt Star, Great Grandma and Grandpa Orullian, Grandma, Aunt Aly, and Aunt Bethany came to see you these little ones run.


 Below- June 20th we went to Uncle Vaughn and Aunt Teresa's house to play with our cousins and we were lucky enough to see Uncle Eric, Aunt Marni and there kids. Paisley loved Uncle Eric just like Uncle Vaughn, its something about those Evans boys!
 Fathers day was on the 21st, we didn't get to be with Tex but I was still grateful for such an amazing Father for our kids.

Below- June 22nd was another track meet and the boys did amazing. Tate got 4th place in the 400 meter dash. Waiting for you kid to run is not so fun but when your child is up for his or her race it is one of the best things in the world.

 June 23rd was lots of fun! In the morning Bethany and I with the three kiddos went to Herriman to be with Tex's family at the reservoir  right by there house. The sand wasn't quite what we are use to but being around this amazing family was seriously the best ever.

 Later that night we went to my Grandma and Grandpa Orullian's 60th wedding anniversary. We took a huge family photo and then ate ice cream that was being served from our favorite place, Leatherbys :)! We found our selves later that evening chatting with Sydney Steele. Even though it has only been a month or so sense this day, it is a fond memory for me. I absolutely love being with FAMILY! We all have different personality's, we each have our own view on life and what we want from it, we are all striving to be better people and work through the trials that we are asked to carry. Through it all though I thank my heavenly father he instituted the family. What would we do with out each other? How could we become what we want to become with out mom's and dad's, sisters and brothers, husbands and wife's and children. The Master of us all is definitely in the heaven's watching over us with a master plan. Be so grateful he has it all under control.