Monday, June 13, 2016

Peyton's Kinder graduation and end of school awards.

 May 18th- Peyton had his Kindergarten graduation. They did a dance to a song from the movie Greese, he looked so cute in his "T" bird gang jacket. I am so proud of this little guy getting in the routine of school was tough but he did it and got great grades and is moving on to First grade.

 We had a great time watching his little dance and get his blank piece of paper that was suppose to be his Kindergarten diploma. Paisley was wrestles until the music and dancing then she was totally into it. 

 June 2nd-Tex caught this little turtle in our pond in the back and the boys named it Slider and we built him a little home in the back from a kitty pool and we love having a pet turtle.

 June 7th- Peyton's class had a little award ceremony that I didn't get to go to but his teacher sent me these pictures.  I really liked his Kindergarten teacher, she was so sweet to all the kids including my Peyton.
                                                Peyton and Mrs. Armendariz !
Tate had his little award ceremony the same day and when I picked him up from school his teacher told me how much she loved Tate and what a pleasure it was to have him in class, how smart he was and she would miss seeing him every day. She was a wonderful teacher! I wish She could be his teacher every year until he graduates.       Tate and Ms. Clark