Monday, August 20, 2012


Our Sunday walk to the park. This Sunday I really wished we lived by family or we had some of our friends back to visit, it was such a slow Sunday we were kinda bored. Around 7 the boys were going crazy so we walked to the park to kick a ball around. I know it maybe was not a Sunday activity but we had so much fun as a family. I normally just let Tex play with the boys while I watch but I got up off my lazy butt and chased the boys around then we had races and it will forever be a really fun memory with our little family, especially cause we only have about a week before another hard semester. We got these sweat bands at the dollar section in the craft store the day before, the boys looked so cute and thought they were so fun. After the park we Skyped some friends and family and off to bed. It turned out to be a super Sunday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The youth at our pool

 We had a fun day with this family (The Victor family) from our ward, Kamala is a Young Women and her and two older brothers asked if they could come swimming some time. On Sunday they asked again and asked if it would be okay if there two younger brothers could come too so we told them we would pick the 5 of them up at 8:30 in the morning they came and had a blast we had to work hard to get them to get out of pool. They kept saying we can just go home at 4 and it was 1:00. Cute family but taking care of our two and making sure the other two younger ones didn't drown, lunch and picking up and taking home I was ready for a little break.

 Here is Tex trying to teach them how to swim and hold there breath under water.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lizard that didn't stay for long

 So today while the boys were napping me and Tex were watching some  HGTV when I saw this little guy underneath our plants. It was our fun for the afternoon. So green with the longest tail ever. He just hung out while we watched him and took pictures. Tex of course wanted to try and catch it so we attempted it with no success he was way to quick. Any way It was fun to take pictures of him and hang out with Tex while he tried to catch it. What a fun afternoon.

Not the best picture but this little Caterpillar was eating are tomato plant that is now dead because he ate it all over night and we didn't see him tell it was to late. He was huge! Kinda crazy all these little creatures that we have found on are balcony.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Second time at the water park.

 Second time around at the water park yesterday with are friends Kyle and Brittany Durfey  and there cute little boy Ritter. It rained the whole time but we had a good time any way especially Tate and Tex they are fish. Peyton was ready to go a lot sooner then the rest of us but he is such a chill little guy so he just hung in there tell we were ready to take off. When we got home and showered the boys sat together and watched some curious George, they were so cute sitting there together. My sweet little boys! :) We are loving all are time with dad and all the down time, it is going to take some getting use to when Tex goes back to school in September.

More fun!!

 Water park at C B smith Park, we had only been there about half hour when we got kicked out for lightening so they gave us a rain check. We went back the other day with some friends, I will be sharing the photos soon. This day though was still lots of fun the boys had a blast with dad going down the same slide over and over. Tate has no fear and would go down  any slide no matter how fast. Peyton not quite that daring yet so of course leave it to dad to try and break him in. Pushed him down the slide and he hated it. At least it didn't mess him up for ever he recovered quickly and wanted to go down again but he wasn't going down with out dad. :)

Tate the next Michael Phelps.

 The other day we went to the beach and Tex and Tate went out a little ways to snorkel and Tate did amazing! He loved it, Tex was so excited of course cause Tex loves it. I am so proud of Tate he really is such a good swimmer, I am for sure going to put him in swim, maybe some day he will be the next Michael Phelps! :) Love you my sweet Tate.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Miccosukee Indian Village Fun!!

 Watching this guy was so much fun! I think they are all crazy for hang-in with those big beasts but to each there own and it made for some awesome entertainment. The boys thought it was super cool to see the man wrestle the Alligator. We all got a chance to hold a little one, Peyton was not even a little scared he walked up to the thing grabbed it looked at the camera and said cheese. :) Tate was a little more nervous but still wanted to hold it and take a picture.  I on the other hand was freaking out of my skin. I didn't even know how to hold my arms, I just wanted to take the picture and say I did it and be done. Tex has it in his mind that one day he will volunteer at one of these parks so he can wrestle and Alligator. We will see I am not too fond of the Idea I believe He needs all his limbs to be a Doctor but whatever. It was stinkin hot out side but we had such a fun time walking around we even got to see the big black pigs. These are times I will for sure remember forever. :) Love spending time with my little Family.