Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Moment with Tate

The other day I was cleaning our house for a baby shower I was having at my house for a friend ( Jen Davis.) The boys were playing really good in their room so when I went in to put some stuff away I should not have been blown away by the mess, but I was! They had taken every single toy they have and every blanket in their room and piled it on Tate's Bed. I am of course the worst Mom ever and started freaking out... I asked them to help me put everything back and was rushing around trying to clean it up because I still had so much work to do in the kitchen. When I looked at Peyton who was the main col prate for the mess according to Tate and he was not helping at all. I grabbed his cheeks and said a little to loudly " YOU NEED TO HELP ME CLEAN THIS UP!" Well what 2 year old would not cry if a monster was screaming in there face? Tears welled up in his eyes and he said " Are you not going to spank me?" "Are you not mad at me any more?" I felt so horrible so I stopped and sat down took a deep breath and told him how sorry I was, I had him sit in my lap and gave him a big hug. Then my most wonderful 5 year old pipes up from the other side of the room where he has silently been observing and says to Peyton, " Peyton no matter what, even when Mom gets really up set likes this, IT never changes." I said what never changes buddy? To which he replys " That you love us to pieces!" In this small moment I was grateful for not only him and his unwavering love for me as his so not perfect mother but also so grateful for my Heavenly Father for blessing me with Tate! I feel strongly Tate was meant for our family and I could not do with out him!

Another quick funny thing he said the other day... I had bought the boys lunchables and in them were two Oreo cookies. They ate them in the stroller on the way home from the store, the next day when Tex was home and we were going to all go out for a walk Tex saw these big chunks of really dark crumbs in the stroller, he asked Tate what it was and what he said had me rolling. He said " O don't you know frozen milk cookies? The ones where they pour milk in the middle of cookies and then freeze them?" Tex was like O yeah Oreos, Tate was like no dad frozen milk cookies. So funny the stuff that comes out of his mouth. :)