Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who built the earth?

I had another conversation with Tate tonight, I started reading the scriptures that had nothing to do with what we were reading. He asked who built the earth? Well I said it wasn't built it was created by Jesus. How could he do that though he is only one man? I told him that he had a helper named Michael and Heavenly father helped too cause they created it under the direction of Heavenly Father. Tate: Who lived on the earth first? A man named Adam and his wife Eve. Tate: What did they eat?, did they eat sandwiches? Me: They eat what grows on the trees and plants, like apples, oranges, pears. Peyton: and probably corn.? Me: Yes I bet they did eat corn. Tate: does pizza grow on trees? Does money grow on trees? Me: No none of those things grow on trees. Tate then told me he could make a real dollar bill it wouldn't be worth anything but it was for sure going to be real. Does every 6 year old ask these kind of questions? I love these  boys!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter weekend ( April 18th- 20th 2014)

 To start it off the boys played so very good and quite together with there legos they got for Christmas from Unlce Brenton and Aunt Aly. It was music to my ears. Tate built and apple tree, airplane and some numbers. Peyton on the other hand got the two smallest legos and built a miniature gun because he loves anything small. A very good and quite Friday evening.

 Tex shaved his beard and had some fun while doing it, me and Tate were talking in the bedroom and Tex walked in to show us the awesome creation on his face. All the while Paisley is taking a shower in the bumbo probably getting flicks of Tex beard on her. :) That night while Tate and I were talking he asked me about how his spirit got inside his body and asked how he got his physical body, I opened a can of worms when I told him that me and daddy made it for him. Of course then he wanted to know how we made it for him? I love how inquisitive he is but honestly makes me nervous, I really hope I can do a good job answering his questions. 

 Saturday morning we dyed Easter eggs and all though very fun it was a little crazy too. Some of our egg dye got spilled and the technique of being soft with the eggs is not totally understood by my little Peyton so a few of the eggs ended up on the floor and then he still picked it up and put it in a cup of dye. Some of the eggs were a brown color cause they were having to much fun with the colors. O well kids will be kids!

 Later that day around 2:00 pm we walked down to the Sunny Isles baseball park where they have an annual egg scramble, they have designated areas for the different age groups so I went with Tate and Tex went with Peyton. It  was crazy hot but we stayed for a while and then went swimming when we got home.

 The Easter Bunny came and brought lots of yummy candy and a few fun gifts like bouncy balls and bubbles and maybe new swimming suites for the boys and a cute little outfit for Paisley. That morning this is how I found my husband and little girl on the couch. The past few mornings Tex has gotten up with her when Its 7 am and she is ready to eat again but he ends up just staying on the couch with her. This was her first Easter and even though she won't remember it I will.

                                                      My handsome boys!!
 As you can tell Peyton was not excited to be taking pictures, my kids get an over load of pictures cause I love them so much.
 Sunday afternoon we went to the park with all our friends from the ward and did another little egg hunt for the kids and had deserts.

This was one of those mornings Tex slept on the couch with her in the very early morning and I felt so blessed at this very moments to have such an amazing husband who is an exceptional daddy. He is a hands on dad and it means the world to me. I didn't know it when I was young or even dating but its something that I am lucky to have. My kids love Tex because he knows  all the lines as a parent, discipline, friendship, role model etc.. I feel confident that as our children get older they will want and feel comfortable going to there dad for advice or problems they are working through.  It is such a source of comfort to me knowing they have that in there dad.

I am writing about our Easter weekend on Monday of course (April 21st 2014) and today was also a very memorable day because only one week from his birthday and practicing about three times Tate got the hang of riding his bike and both Tex and I were so proud of him. He even asked me today if he would forget how to ride his bike? Mom when you learned to ride your bike did you forget? Or do you still remember? Will I forget how to ride my bike? You will not forget I promise buddy.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tex's Graduation dinner Banquet ( Thursday April 17th 2014)

 This was such a fun night! It was like pulling teeth to get some one willing to watch our kids but then a sweet friend of mine (Tiffany Marriott) was kind enough to come to my house and take such good care of them while we were gone. This lady is amazing she has 5 kids and her husband was helping out the temple and she was still willing to watch our kids. I love her.

 It was so fun to get all dressed up and go to a fancy building and have a fancy dinner and just be with Tex. I am so proud of his accomplishment to get through this whole process, it has been long and hard for him but he did it and he did it while being an amazing dad and husband. The food was yummy and we even tried to dance and let loose, I don't  know how to dance worth a lick but it was still fun. We were probably 2 of the only people who did not drink alcohol, so by the end of the night lots of his classmates were being a little crazy! ( like the fun girl I am taking a picture with Cason)

The view was spectacular and I loved meeting all the classmates Tex has been going to school with. The last few years have been challenging but I would like to think that I have grown as a person and believe I am even better now then I was 4 years ago. Graduation is in 6 days and we are excited and nervous for residency but can't do anything but go forward. Lets do this!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tate is 6!

Our little Tater bug turned 6 today! It was crazy for Tex and I to think of this little guy as a 6 year old, it really seems like just a few months ago he was a baby. Tate is so smart, funny, wise beyond his 6 years, helpful and so much more and like I have said a ton of times before, Tate is a blessing in our lives we can't think of our lives with out him. Tate woke up two or three times last night so excited for his birthday and every time Tex told him to go back to bed he said man this night is taking forever. We got going around 9:00 am and that's when we opened his few presents. We got him an awesome bike with out training wheels, he really needs to learn how to ride a bike. Grandma and Grandpa Orullian (my parents) got him a cool remote control car, Aunt Star Orullian (Mark Orullians sister) sent him some money in a card and he picked out some Beyblades at the store. We went to the pool for a few hours then to the park to try out his new bike and for dinner we went to Johnny Rockets (just like last year) Tare loves hamburgers and can eat an entire, huge burger. Yesterday (Sunday the 13th 2014) to celebrate with friends we baked a ton of cupcakes and went to the park, except it totally rained on us so not every one was able to show up. It has been a great last few days and I feel lucky to have Tate as a son. We love you buddy!

                               Some of our friends. Ritter Durfey and Evan Salvesen.

                                      The time of his life in Toys R Us.

                              Tate ate that burger and it was a big burger!

This was Tate's menu! He is seriously the best colorer! He is going to take after his dad and get his artistic ability.