Monday, April 14, 2014

Tate is 6!

Our little Tater bug turned 6 today! It was crazy for Tex and I to think of this little guy as a 6 year old, it really seems like just a few months ago he was a baby. Tate is so smart, funny, wise beyond his 6 years, helpful and so much more and like I have said a ton of times before, Tate is a blessing in our lives we can't think of our lives with out him. Tate woke up two or three times last night so excited for his birthday and every time Tex told him to go back to bed he said man this night is taking forever. We got going around 9:00 am and that's when we opened his few presents. We got him an awesome bike with out training wheels, he really needs to learn how to ride a bike. Grandma and Grandpa Orullian (my parents) got him a cool remote control car, Aunt Star Orullian (Mark Orullians sister) sent him some money in a card and he picked out some Beyblades at the store. We went to the pool for a few hours then to the park to try out his new bike and for dinner we went to Johnny Rockets (just like last year) Tare loves hamburgers and can eat an entire, huge burger. Yesterday (Sunday the 13th 2014) to celebrate with friends we baked a ton of cupcakes and went to the park, except it totally rained on us so not every one was able to show up. It has been a great last few days and I feel lucky to have Tate as a son. We love you buddy!

                               Some of our friends. Ritter Durfey and Evan Salvesen.

                                      The time of his life in Toys R Us.

                              Tate ate that burger and it was a big burger!

This was Tate's menu! He is seriously the best colorer! He is going to take after his dad and get his artistic ability.

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