Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Broken door and Tex's 34th birthday!

 August 31st 2016- This man in the grey shirt came to gate in the back yard and gestured for Tate to open the door I followed him out and in his broken English he asked if I wanted him to trim and pull weeds all for only $25. It needed to be done badly and so I thought sounds good. I shut the back door and went back to wiping down the floors, he was about half way through his work when I heard a huge BANG! The door had been hit by something and looked like this. I'm pretty sure he didn't know it happened cause he was still working. I went out side and when he stopped he weed wacker I showed him the window, his eyes went wide and just kept saying I'm sorry baby!! I had Peyton run and get our neighbor Maria who speaks Spanish and he told her he was sorry, he knew it was his fault and that he wanted to pay for it. I wanted to have a glass company come and fix it, but it would have cost $475. Maria said he sounded like he was being sincere. He left and came back with his friend and they put some ply wood up and said he would be back with the door in a few days. tomorrow it will have been a week but he did stop by on Sunday showing us the reciept that he bought new glass for the frame. I'm hoping it will all be fixed in the next few days :).

 Tex got home September 2nd and on Saturday the 3rd-  We went to Paradise Cove Water Park.It was Tex's birthday we played at the water park for a while and then went home to make some really yummy tacos and carrot cake. We invited the Summers over and in the end It was Dan and his kids that came for a little while.  The water park was hot and Sunny for about 30 min but then it started raining, we thought it would maybe clear up so we kept playing but it got worse and then started thundering. Thankfully sense we hadn't been their long they gave us rain check tickets to come back another time for free.

The lazy river!


                 The boys absolutely loved these slides. This is what they did the first 30 min.
                     Paisley had no fear of the slides and we did them each like 9 times.
It's kind of hard to see in this picture but it was raining hard. Paisley kept saying "Freeze".  

September 4th
This was another fun Sunday walk. We found fed the fish some corn and played a around of pooh sticks.
September 5th- The kids didn't have school so we cleaned the house and ran errands. I'm sure it wasn't the boys most favorite day but these baby ducks and their momma who came to visit made up for all the boring stuff we made them do during the day :).