Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Morning (March 31st 2013)

 It was a pretty typical Eater morning, we had the egg hunt, the boys ate a ton of candy we showered and went to church.

 That afternoon a bunch of our friends got together at a park for some dinner and another little egg hunt for the kids. It was so beautiful out side and the food was way good. It was again so awesome to have Bethany with us and to have friends to hang out with on these holidays when we are away from family.

Sunny Isles Easter Egg Scramble (March 30th 2013)

 We have gone to this Easter egg scramble every year sense we have lived in Miami. It is so fun they have these huge areas with eggs and beach balls. There is an area for 1-3 yrs old 4-6 yrs old 7-10 yrs  old so the little kids don't get trampled on. When its time they open the gates and they all run in there and try and get as many eggs as they can, its sorta crazy but fun too. It was really fun to have Beth with us for Easter this year.

 They had rides, food, face paintings, bounce houses, pictures with the Easter Bunny and this Rock wall that Tate really wanted to do. He is such a good climber and climbs on everything, when we play at the park his goal is to see how high he can climb on the play ground. I think he could have gotten all the way to the top but the line was forever long so they could not let them keep trying over and over. Tate tried a few times and the last time he lost his grip the guy walked over to unhook him and Tate said with the most determined voice " I know I can do this." It was seriously the cutest thing ever! He was way bummed he couldn't  try again but we promised him we would find some where that he could do it again and have longer to try.

Aunt Bethany's visit (March 28- April 4)

 Well these are in no order at all but we had such a blast with Aunt Bethany! She is so funny, helpful and giving I seriously love being around her. We had a few bumps at first, she was missing mom a little but we got over that fast and did a ton of fun stuff. The First day we went to the Miami Seaquariaum, Saturday there was Easter egg scramble/ carnival in sunny Isles that was really fun, we played at the pool at the beach were Bethany got totally toasted. We dyed Easter eggs, we went shopping and got frozen yogurt and the last night we went and got pedicures. Tate and Peyton loved playing with Aunt Bethany and LOVED getting to know my little sister better. 

 This was at charming charly's and me and Beth were having fun but so were the boys!

 Bethany's awesome burn that I'm sure is the best Tan ever.

        Old Navy getting some new sun glasses!

               Petting the sting rays.

 Sitting on the chair that had fallen into the pool :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Girls camp (March 25-28 2013)

 Girls camp was the last week in March. The theme was Christ's Avengers, defenders of Zion. I have not had time to sit down and write any thoughts because my little sister came to visit for a week the day I got back from camp. This years girls camp was a lot different than last years for a few reasons. First was Brittany Andersen was not their, they moved to Kansas for Residency and she was missed!! Second was the group of girls we had, all great girls and a few that I really fell in love with but on the whole more then half were very disrespectful. We would wake them up at 730 because flag ceremony was at 8 and at 755 a group of them would be walking down to the showers. When the rest of us were walking past the bathrooms for the flag ceremony I would walk in to tell them to come as they were, "come on guys we don't want to be late" two of them were already in the shower one was in her towel and the other getting undressed. I told the two that had not gotten in yet to please get dressed and the one in her towel looked at me and got in the shower anyway. By this time its a little past 8 and another young women walks in and wanted to wash her face.  I said " Hey sweetie lets do that when we are done with the flag ceremony" I turned around to make sure the others were getting dressed and the one behind me  decided she didn't care what I said and washed her face any way. I left and they trickled in when we were all done but I was shocked with the  lack of respect they had for the leaders, especially when we gave them half an hour to get ready. I think the last reason is it was just so different from when I went to camp, I LOVED camp and could not wait to go every year. It was the most spiritual experience! They had so many activity's that really helped you to gain your own testimony. crafts, hikes beautiful songs around the camp fire, YCL's that you could look up too. The YCL's this year were so power hungry and loved feeling like they were big dogs on campus. They had a few crafts and we learned archery it was really fun but the over all feeling was different. I hope I don't sound like I am complaining cause I love my calling and working with these girls I just wish they had parents that were on board so we were all working as a team.
                                         Three of them suck their thumbs!
                                           Our ward was Iron man!!
 The girls brought  nerdy glasses that I thought were so funny so they snapped a few pictures!
                       We did Archery, Canoeing  and on the last day they had a color war.

          Stephany! she is only 14 but is so mature and very respectful, I think she is so wonderful.
                                                                   Our stake
                  Camp was in the Ever Glades and it was very Beautiful!!
                         Kayah another little sweetie! Our newest Beehive
These are three of the ten girls that were baptized in the last month.