Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A new year.

Really quick I am going to finish my learning year post. The inside sand turned out to be the kind of inside sand that you watch closely when your kids play with it. Tex and I walked up stairs to take a little snooze while Paisley napped and they had their friend Israel over, he lives next to us. We put on a movie and walked up stairs. Boy o Boy was that a bad idea! They decided it would be a good idea to have a sand fight with the sand and they got it everywhere!! I didn't even take a picture because I knew the picture would not do it justice plus Tex and I were so mad we couldn't even see straight. It all had to go in the garbage and took a good hour to clean up. The boys got good spankings and sat in there room for a while but after that I didn't know what to do. I should have known better than to leave them alone with SAND. :)

Alright I also forgot to share this fun thing I did on Thanksgiving: I asked every body what they were thankful for this year and the response was so great.
 I asked Peyton first, Peyton what are you thankful for? He said I am thankful for Jesus I asked why and he said because I love him! I then asked why he loved him and he said because he teaches me what to do when I am bad. Anything else body? I am thankful for my toys that I love to play with and my nice clean house.
Tate what are you thankful for? For my family because if I didn't have a family I would be homeless, for all three Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost, last one is, I am thankful for the earth, if we didn't have it we would have to be aliens and we would have to be slimy.

These responses were 100% there own and I loved there answers, I can't wait to here what they come up with next year.
Dad what are you thankful for? My awesome 2 boys and my awesome 2 girls! Short but o so  sweet.

I didn't  write mine down because It would have been way to long but I am equally thankful for my Heavenly Father, for my savior Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me, for me clean home, I am thankful to not be an alien, for my husband and three beautiful kids, my mom and dad and sibllings, the list goes on and on but I think for now that will do.

Tonight is New Years eve! One year ago today I had a  brand new baby, my husband was studying for  boards and I was taking pictures with my siblings, playing games down stairs with my family. I miss it so much but am also so thankful to be where I am now. Today we now know and are relieved to know Tex passed boards and got a residency at Jackson South Hospital, Paisley is One years old and  I will be taking pictures and playing games with the three men in my life. Its quieter than last year but just as sweet. I have high hopes for 2015 and know that I can do anything with my savior at my side.  Happy New Year!!!

                                                 Last New Years Eve!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A learning year!

I am about to have diarrhea of the mind. It has been so long sense I have written and I feel like lots has happened. So its my mad rush to remember everything in no order at all.

Two weeks ago on Sunday we were taking our family walks that I love so much and on the way back home it was dark, I looked up at the sky and then down at Tate and asked him if believed that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were really beyond the sky and stars? He said with no hesitation of course I KNOW that, who else could create this whole world except Christ? I grinned at his conviction and said were did you learn that? Tate said church and you. Tate is becoming smarter and wiser and kinder and sweeter the older he gets. Everyday that I am his mom I realize that he was sent to me as a gift and I am thankful everyday for him!

Christmas this year was a total bust! Mostly because my attempt to stay in good moods ended Christmas Eve around 4:00 pm and it didn't really return until around 2:00 pm the next day. I cant blame it entirely on my self some of it had to do with Tex's schedule and the fact that we had very little money to do much at all, well and if I am being honest I had a really hard time being here while all my family (my awesome siblings) were in Utah. My very first Christmas away from my bubble in Utah was in  2010 but Tex had an entire month off of school so although I hated not being in Utah and missed my family very much, we still had Tex around. We did fun festive things like  walks to the Aventura Mall that was all decked out and had a $2 Christmas train ride inside the mall and a little ice cream on the way home. The Gulf stream had a tree lighting that was free that we went to and of course our favorite was spending the day of Christmas Eve at the beach with all our friends.

Any way long story short Tex worked right up to 8:00 pm on Christmas Eve, the house was a mess, I tried to cook a turkey with potatoes and gravy but Paisley pulled at my legs and cried, we didn't get to do the sibling shopping that I feel is so important for the boys, we are living so tight financially  right now that Tex and I were not able to get anything for each other, The skate boards we order for the boys were the wrong kind, I missed my family and more specifically I missed last Christmas. For some reason last year at this time was so magical for me, I miss watching Blue Bloods, Elementary & Mentalist with my mom and dad, watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel while I sat on the  couch down stairs with the fire on learning to nurse my new baby girl, The Christmas Party that my Grandma and Grandpa have every year, taking silly pics with my brothers and sisters, the list could go on and on but needless to say I got into  a mood I could not shake off. I was mad Tex was not home yet, I was mad we didn't have money to do extravagant things, I was mad I wasn't in Utah.  The song that comes to mind is.. Where are you Christmas from the Grinch, I even had moments where I really wanted to tell my boys the truth about Santa and the Elf Criddle. I wanted to feel Christmas in my heart, I wanted traditions that helped us remember Christ I wanted to feel more in control of  my self and so I decided December 25th 2014 that the new year was going to be different. 

I need to do things different this year, I am and need to be more organized I need to save from each pay check for the things that are important to me at Christmas like Christmas cards and buying my husband a gift and doing fun things as a family. So I will start now and put money in a jar that is just for that purpose. I will start in August and make sure Halloween costumes are made and ready, Paisley birthday will be planned and ready to celebrate a week before Thanksgiving so we are actually ready on December 2nd.

   I know life is going to try and change my plans but I really want to own this year.
                                    The year of 2015!
 #1 I need to Exercise and eat Healthy/ get enough sleep ( so you can be a good mom)
#2 I need to get Peyton ready for Kindergarten in August
#3 and I will stop calling home so often, I am going to be 31 for crying out loud. you have your own family Brittany and you have now for almost 9 years lets get our act together!
#4 finish the book of mormon ( your half way)

Also  I have made a list of things for the holiday season next year that I hope will bring the Christmas spirit.
#1 We are going to start a new tradition- We are going to make treats together as a family and take them to people in the ward who need a visit and sing a carol for them.
#2 The kids will buy and give to there school teacher and primary teacher and each other.
#3 I will get my visiting teaching visits done and bring a little gift if I can.
#4 I want to save so we can afford a real christmas tree
#5 stocking that cordinate
#6 Christmas cards and orders early and sent out first of December.
#7 Neighbor gifts
#8 Scones for breakfast and the dough needs to be done the night before Christmas
#9 My friend Christy said the polar express that they do at the zoo is expensive but so worth it. It was $35 a person but if I save maybe we can do that as a family?
#10 Buy my sweet husband a Christmas gift and put it underneath the tree

I want my family to give at Christmas because it truly is the best part, and its what Christ did for us.

                                  Ward Christmas Party December 20th

 Tates Holiday show, I went to it but missed his performance so he did it for me when we got home. They sang the song Summer from Frozen.
                                             Our Elf Criddle.

 The Ward Christmas party Tate and Dad played parts, we got sit with one of our favorite families in the ward the Summers.

                                                Sienna Summers.

 Bass Pro Shops sitting on Santa's lap, Peyton had a lot to tell Santa :)

                                      Cookies for Santa.
                                             Christmas day! Santa brought Skateboards and Grandma and Grandpa Orullian sent new Tennis shoes, movies, crafts, snow cone maker, Paisley got a quite book Grandma made and some cute new clothes and lots of other fun things. We are so thankful for the love and support of our family. Santa also brought somethings called Kinetic sand, it is suppose to be inside sand. I will tell that story tomorrow.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Haloween and Thanksgivng

 This Halloween my kids dressed up as Peter Pan, Peter Pan's shadow and Tinkerbell. The costumes  turned out pretty cute. Paisley did not keep her head band on for very long, it made me a little sad but it was fun to put them together. We went trick or treating with a family in our ward (The Summers) and then had burger king on the way home. Peyton ate at least half of his bag before we pulled into the driveway but what the hay right? The next night Nov 1 we had a ward Halloween party, they had games for the kids a trunk r treat and hot dogs and chilli.  6 months later we are still  getting to know the people in our ward but it was a really fun party. I guess not much else to say about Halloween 2014 except I was glad all the madness was over. Until next year. :)

 Thanksgiving and putting up our Christmas tree, Its like my most favorite time of the year. I love Christmas so so much! Some of our friends from Aventura came down to spend Thanksgiving with us (Dan and Lyndsey Howell) That weekend Tex was not on call and it was amazing to have him around. We relaxed Thursday morning, went with Tex to the hospital because we still didn't have internet and paid bills, He brought us some hot chocolate from the hospital cafeteria that was so yummy. When we got home we watched Christmas movies while Tex and worked in the kitchen, the sun was shinning and it was a cool 60 degrees out side so we opened the windows and felt the cool breeze as we worked with Paisley beneath us making a mess.

 That next day Friday the 28th we went down to the keys were are friends (James and Stacy Killpack and their 5 girls) live and we went to a bird sanctuary and to Harry Harris park and had a picnic. After we played all day we headed back to there house and picked up pizza on the way. Saturday we decorated our Christmas tree and had left overs from Thanksgiving, on Sunday evening we took a walk behind our house and just enjoyed being with each other. It was a very fun and relaxing weekend with lots of fun memories.

                                               On our walk!