Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Catching up!

 September 23 2016-   Soccer season begins, Tates team was the Raptors and Peyton's were the Golden Gecko's! Another really fun season. We will miss AYSO when we move to North Carolina.

                                          Tex helped Dan Summers coach Tates team.

 October 15th-  Tex helped me build this lemonade stand, We set up shop on the corner of the   Publix near our home. We had a lots of fun, the kids made about $30. We had lots of people stop and say how cool it was that we were doing the lemonade stand. We even had 3 cop cars stop and put their lights on they stayed on the corner while they ate their cookies and drank lemonade. We haven't been able to do it sense October because life has been so busy, we hope to do it a few more times this coming year.

 October 24th- I loved these pictures because Paisley loves to do what her brothers are doing! I love these three so much!

 October 29th- I'm really bummed I don't have more pictures of my parents. They came on October 28th and stayed with my kids while me and Tex went to North Carolina for his Exam and more interviews. We got to spend the 29th with them. It was a day loaded with activities. In the morning we had soccer games and It was cute to see Paisley snuggled up with my dad cause she was cold. I wish I could have gotten pictures of us in the rain because It literally poured on us for both of the boys games. We were soaked by the time we left. Later that day the boys had a little festival at the school that I have no pictures of and then that night we had the ward Halloween party.

 We were cowboys and Indians this year. Peyton wasn't feeling 100% and was sleeping so we didn't get very many photos of him, or my parents I'm so mad at my self for not taking more with my parents.

Tex, Vickey Abraham, Me, Chelsea Ellis. I love these young women, I will miss them tremendously!

Tex carved an awesome pumpkin and we would have won I'm sure of it but we were late, as usual so no one saw it. It was fun to put on the front porch though. I am blessed that my husband has such an amazing talent!

                 We never do anything to our trunk either and Tex came up with this awesome idea.
                     Me, Sister Summers, Vicky Hernandez and I don't know his other lady's name.