Tuesday, July 30, 2013

24th of July

What a fun day! I Love fire works, summer and good food. I l love spending time with family. I love fire works so much and watching the boys have a blast with the water guns that my Grandma gave all the kids was so much fun.  I wish there was more to say about these fun pictures but it was just a fun day and the pictures do all the work.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tate- I hope Heavnly Father hears my prayer...

Two days ago at lunch I once again had the most fun conversation with Tate. My Mom and Peyton had not been feeling very good and so we stopped at the store to purchase some protein Gatorade to  help them feel better. When we got home before we ate lunch Tate said the prayer and in his prayer he asked that Grandma and Peyton would feel better soon. When we were done my mom went to lay down and Tate said to me, "I hope Heavenly Father hears my prayer and grandma feels better soon." I replied, "Of course he will Tate because he loves you so much and he always answers our prayers." Tate continued, "But how does he hear our prayers?" I then gave him what I thought was a pretty good answer,  but then my cute little 5 year old said "Oh so it's like when we say 'Dear Heavenly Father,' the phone starts ringing and he answers and listens to us?" Um, yes!! That's literally the best answer I have ever heard and even though mine was close to his answer, he had nailed it. Tate then asked where Heavenly Father lives and what it looks like so I said that he lived in a big beautiful home in heaven. Tate said it is probably white cause He has white clothes. To finish this most enlightening conversation, my little boy said randomly, "So that time in Florida, when I heard that noise in my room, it wasn't a wolf or Pitch ( from the movie Rise of the Guardians) It was Heavenly Father coming to check on me!" More than half the time I don't feel like I am worthy of this especially valiant spirit. He has taught and is continuing to teach me things that I would not or could not learn any other way other than through the blessing of having him as my son. His patience astounds me every day and his inclination to the spirit is inspiring! I remember once when he was about 1 year old and we were living in my Aunt Star's basement, I was bathing him and getting him ready for bed sitting next to the bath tub. Suddenly I felt a love that superseded my own and a very distinct thought came into my mind  "I love him so much!" It was almost as if our Father in Heaven wanted me to really understand how special His son is! I will never forget it and it helps me to remember that, in a sense, Tate is only borrowed to me. I sincerely wish I was a better parent than I am but I love this boy with all of my heart.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tate- Am I going to get really old...

June 23rd 2013 was are last Sunday in our Miami shores ward for at least 8 months while we travel for rotations. We were sitting in sacrament meeting and Tate was sitting on the left of me,  he was very focused or what seemed very focused on what Brother Marriott was saying. Then he turned to me with the most concerned and worried look on his face and said " Are you going to get really old and die?"With out thinking at all I responded rather quickly "yes I will." He didn't say anything, just turned back to face the front and sat quietly for a minute or so and then turned back to look at me with tears rolling down his face and he said " I don't want you to die! Who will take care of me?" I immediately had tears rush to my face but kept them back and took him in my arms and told him I am not going to die for a really long time, " We have lots of fun time ahead of us and then you will be older and will get married." He didn't like any answer except that I was  going to live forever and that I was going to look like me at 29 years old for the rest of my life. I felt really concerned all day wondering why he was thinking about something like this and what Five year worries about something of this nature. I am not sure why my sweet son has these very inquisitive questions and thoughts but I hope I can teach him and train him the right way and respond in a comforting ways to his questions. I love him more than words can describe and more and more every day I feel that he was a blessing from heavenly father to our home. He was sent to our home and I am so grateful he is mine!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Old Nauvoo :)

 I know I did not capture on my little phone what I saw or felt in Nauvoo but here are a few of the pictures that I took. I loved it there so much! These first picture are some of the past times of those who lived in 1840.

 This was from what I understand one of Joseph Smith's favorite games! Tate lost to Kade but it was so cute to watch.

 In another building they had how to make candles, bread, barrels, pottery, and rope. Tate got to help and then they let us take the rope home.
 We visited so many homes.. John Taylor, Wilford Woodruf,  Heber c. Kimball, the home stead where Joseph and Emma lived, the Old mansion, The final resting place of Joseph, Emma and Hyrum.

                                This was the home stead.
 I was able to watch a dress rehearsal of the Nauvoo Pagenet
 We drove down Parley street right to were the saints had to enter the Mississippi river and cross to head to the rocky Mountains.

 These two pictures were in Wilford Woodrufs home and I  thought it was so interesting how they lived, I really wish they were the ones that were greeting us into there homes and could take us on a tour of these wonderful places that they lived.

 Carthage Jail was an experience all of its own. There is really no way to describe it unless you were there! This is the window that he fell out of when they shot him, walking into this room was such a sacred experience I will never forget it. To walk were he walked to be in the very room he was, it was incredible! I am not very good at expressing my self so I am going to leave it at that. I hope to go back someday and experience it again.

Fourth of July 2013!

 This 4th of July we were in Kansas city because Tex is doing his third month at the hospital here. So we have had so much fun hanging out with our friends the Andersens. They took us to this cool petting zoo that had tons of fun stuff to do like feeding the goats, fishing, riding miniature tractors, petting the cows, a little school house.. So we went there for the afternoon and then went home to make a yummy dinner and then did the fire works in the front yard. My phone died so I didn't get very many pics out side but we had such a fun day. The pictures pretty much tell it all, It was really hot but we had a lot of fun and the boys LOVED the fire works. We will have to do some thing fun for the 24th of July cause the boys loved the fire works so much.

 I loved this little sinks! I want one in my house some day!

 They caught 4 fish I think, we put them back of course but it was so fun to watch Tate pull them out of the water and then after Tex unhooked it let him throw it back in the water. :)

 Peyton played on his tablet while we cooked dinner!

Blakes Wedding/Tate

I forgot to write about this story with Tate the night before I left for Utah for my brothers wedding.
 The night before I left I was in the boys room saying good night/ good by. Asking the boys to be really good for Aunt Kathrine and Mee Ma, that I would see them soon and that I loved them so much. I was sitting next to Peyton's bed at the time and he was so tired so he was basically asleep when from Tates bed I heard sobs and sniffles. I crawled over to his bed and said Tate are you okay? Whats the matter? He popped his head up and looked at me with the big blue puffy eyes and wrapped his arms around me and said " I am going to miss you so much!!" I hugged him so tight and told him I was going to miss him too! In his sobs he asked who would take care of him and if I would skype every night and every morning? He then calmed down enough to say he needed to draw me a picture. I told him I still had one that he had drawn me when I went to camp. So I went and got it for him and he cut it in half and gave me the half that had his picture on it and he kept the one that had me on it and asked me to tape it to his wall. We talked for a while until he felt better and he fell asleep. I felt so bad that he was so sad but at the same time it made me happy to know that he loved me so much! They had a great time with Tex's sister and Mom but it was so great to get home to them!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A beautiful wedding ( May 30 2013)

                                        My Brothers Wedding, I should have written about this a month ago but I have been extra slow at posting because I have been so busy packing to move.

 I really didn't get very many good pictures and I should have gotten way more of both the bride and groom, I don't know what I was thinking? The Wedding dinner the night before was at Red Lobster and it was really yummy! It was so fun to be with my family and be there to support my brother and his new wife, who I just love!

 The Wedding the next day was so  beautiful! And again me and my siblings had such a fun time goofing around also it was fun to get to know Brenton's girl friend. I was starting to miss my little kids and husband and wished they could have been with me.

                                     While I was there I cut my hair!
I ate delicious food from the training table with my sisters and parents.
And of course had some relaxing time out with my mom and sisters getting some pedicures. It was such a long time away from my family I really was missing them so much by the end. Going home for my brothers wedding will always be great memories.