Monday, July 15, 2013

Tate- Am I going to get really old...

June 23rd 2013 was are last Sunday in our Miami shores ward for at least 8 months while we travel for rotations. We were sitting in sacrament meeting and Tate was sitting on the left of me,  he was very focused or what seemed very focused on what Brother Marriott was saying. Then he turned to me with the most concerned and worried look on his face and said " Are you going to get really old and die?"With out thinking at all I responded rather quickly "yes I will." He didn't say anything, just turned back to face the front and sat quietly for a minute or so and then turned back to look at me with tears rolling down his face and he said " I don't want you to die! Who will take care of me?" I immediately had tears rush to my face but kept them back and took him in my arms and told him I am not going to die for a really long time, " We have lots of fun time ahead of us and then you will be older and will get married." He didn't like any answer except that I was  going to live forever and that I was going to look like me at 29 years old for the rest of my life. I felt really concerned all day wondering why he was thinking about something like this and what Five year worries about something of this nature. I am not sure why my sweet son has these very inquisitive questions and thoughts but I hope I can teach him and train him the right way and respond in a comforting ways to his questions. I love him more than words can describe and more and more every day I feel that he was a blessing from heavenly father to our home. He was sent to our home and I am so grateful he is mine!


  1. Hey didn't know you had a blog. Just found out a week or two ago. I haven't been on the computer much just my kindle and I just do the basics on it. NO Blogging. That is a tender story. Its hard to explain something like that to those kiddos. I don't remember the circumstances of when I was little and found the same thing out but I remember how I felt and when I read Tate's response to it I felt exactly like that. Bless hi Heart.

  2. Every little kid asks sometime about what is going to happen. Just like every little kids thinks they are going to grow up and marry their mom or dad. Don't worry about it. It just means that you are doing an awesome job at being his mom and that he always wants to be with you. Kids are not old enough yet to really understand the growing up and moving on part yet. Life just seems endless and joyful to them. Keep up the good work