Thursday, December 3, 2015

August- November (the last 4 months)

I hate that I have not made sitting down and writing a priority. After the boys started school in August, Tex had his knee surgery and I started working from home 3-4 hours a day plus our little energizer bunny ( Paisley). It has been crazy around here. I'm going to attempt to do a little catch up. The end of August Tate started 1st grade and Peyton started kindergarten. Peyton really struggled at the first of the year but he has eased in to it and is enjoying it a lot more. Tate has always enjoyed school and is doing great as well. The same week they started school, Tex had surgery on his knee after re injuring it for a third time playing basketball at church. Its obviously December now so he is doing a lot better now. In September we signed the boys up for soccer at AYSO, our friends the Summers told us about it. All four of their kids do it every year. Our boys LOVED it as well. Tex was asked to coach Peyton's team cause no one else volunteered, it was interesting at first on crutches but was really fun to be such a big part of the team.


Our friend and neighbor who is not our neighbor any more cause she moved to New Mexico Yile and her son Israel took the missionary discussions and were baptized the end of September. She is an amazing lady! I loved talking with her outside while our babies played the the older ones kicked the soccer ball around and rode bikes, I miss her a ton! My mother in law was able to come for her baptism which was really cool. She got to know Yile when she was here in February with my broken foot. Halloween this year was very memorable this year as well. The boys really wanted our family to dress up as the Avengers but we decided to just paint faces and use what we had at the house. Paisley was a witch and feeling really in the Halloween spirit I made a tule skirt for my self and was a witch with her. Tate was a vampire, Peyton was a zombie that wore cowboy boots and Tex was an old man. The ward Halloween party was filled with lots of yummy food and games. After we went to our friends the Summers neighborhood and went trick or treating with them. Our kids were so tired, they kept saying are we done yet? We were super lucky to have our friends Teresa and Clint Larsen and Lee and Miche Barbosa come the first of November and visit us. We went snorkeling in the Keys with them one of the days. It's a blessing to have great friends like these two girls.

                                                               September 26th

 We went to the beach one of the days the Diane was here for Yilies baptism. It was a perfect day and we had a wonderful time relaxing with Mee Maw.

                                A family picture that we attempted! It so didn't work out.

                                                               September 28th

                                                         Halloween 2015 (October 31st)

                                                          November 4th
        The end of November I cut my hair and we had our last soccer games of the season. Tate's team only lost 2 games, watching them play soccer has been an amazing experience. I love to watch them do something they love and then come home and continue to learn and practice. It will be fun to see them get better and better at this sport.