Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter, Stray dog and Tate's Birthday

 This Easter I made these awesome eggs for my sisters, sisters in law and my mom. I put two holes on either side and blew the egg out so it was a hallow egg. I painted and decorated them and put a little note in side that said you're an eggstra special chick xoxox. They were suppose to crack them to see the note inside but the post office would not send them because the boxes were to small. O well it was a great thought.

 This Easter was fun but also kinda of a bust. It was similar to the Christmas we had a few months earlier. Kind of a learning Easter/ conference weekend. For some reason Tex and I were not totally in sync which made it sad but I didn't have a fun breakfast planned that I will for sure do next time and I also want to put together a kit for the kids that they can work on during General conference. I think even though I think I am a organized person there is still lots more I could do to make these Holidays/ conference more enjoyable for every one.

 They each got a little bit of candy and a few dollar toys. Paisley ate one entire chocolate egg for breakfast, I tried taking it from her but there was no way she was giving it up.

 On April 6th my friend and neighbor Yilie had a birthday she turned 27 years old. She wasn't having cake or celebrating so I made brownies and got some balloons for her. She has been a blessing in my life.
 I love this picture so much. After school and homework all these boys get together and play outside, riding bikes, skateboards, hide n seek but mostly they play soccer. I can hear them at the end of the street and it makes me smile. Me and Yilie go out side in the front yard with our little ones, its my favorite time of day.

The above picture is of Humpher the stray dog that showed up at our house about a week ago. We have no idea where he came from but it was determined to stay. The boys wanted to keep him so bad. Tate kept saying Come on this is our only chance to get a free dog!! I felt strongly against keeping it and although they cried bitter tears we shut the door and I said a little prayer it would be okay. It wasn't so easy, about 10 min later we heard the dog scratching and howling at the door it stayed for a few hours and then we didn't hear anything. When we woke up the next morning Tate ran to the front window and looked out side. He said, Oh Mom!! Come look at this. The dog had stayed all night right in front of our door. It chased our car when we took Tate to school and was waiting for us when we got home from dropping him off. I called the animal shelter and they came the next day. We will eventually have a dog but I was not prepared to take care of one in this town home that at the moment only fits our family.

 Tate Turned 7 four days ago. The Saturday before we had a little party with some neighbor friends and the Summers from our ward. We went to the pool and went swimming, we brought pulled pork sandwiches and cupcakes and had a fun and relaxing Saturday.
 This Tuesday we had chipotle for dinner and opened the few presents he had. We gave him a pogo stick, Grandma and Grandpa Orullian gave him a new skateboard, a fun ninja turtles towel and some much needed new clothes. Aunt Star gave him some fun magnet toys that they played with the other day for like 2 hours. It was a fun day and we were so lucky Dad was able to get away from the hospital to be with us. We are lucky and blessed to have Tate in our home and to be his parents. He is such a sweet big brother to his siblings, so helpful and always wants to do the right thing. He loves to be outside doing pretty much anything, I love his tender sweet heart, just the other day I was sitting next to him on the walmart floor waiting for help because our cart had gotten stuck on its way up the pully system they have for the carts and he leaned over and rubbed my back. He knew how frustrated I was and wanted to help. He will never know how much it ment to me, him being as young as he is but helping in such a big way buy rubbing my back almost to say I'm sorry mom, its going to be okay. I remember wanting to have a baby so much but after I had him I was so terrified of the responsibility, he has had to be so patient with me as his mother. I'm for ever thankful for him and that my Father in Heaven trusted me with one of his choice spirits.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poor Paisley

 On February 27th 2015 we woke up like any other morning to get Tate ready for school, it was career day at school and Mee Maw was here helping with my broken foot so she made these amazing scrubs for Tate out of some of Tex's old scrubs. He looked so legit! It was so cute, him standing next to his dad in all his gear.  I remember asking him when the flyer came home what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said well I could be a Mechanic or a Doctor? Well my dad is a Doctor so I guess that's what I will be! Tex was able to bring a bunch of stuff home from the hospital to help complete his outfit. He loved the scrubs so much they are folded nicely in his drawer underneath all his clothes so they don't ever get ruined. 

 After saying saying good by to Tex and Tate, me and Diane came in to pick up and and get Breakfast for everyone, when I remembered it was garbage day which ment bringing the garbage around front. She walked out the back door with Peyton and Paisley watching from the door frame. I started to pick up, when I heard the sliding glass door shut followed by the scariest scream I think I have ever heard from one of my children. I hoped as quick as I could to the scene to see Paisley's hand still lodge in the door, when I opened the door to let her hand free her left middle finger was dangling from where it should have been securely attached to her self. Although it was a small thing and she would have been fine with out this part of her finger I could not help feeling a bit unnerved by the sight that I screamed once and then again, Peyton what did you do? Right after I did I felt awful. Peyton's tears came as easily as my scream had, he repeated over and over how sorry he was and in his tears asked again and again if we were still a family and if I still loved him. I grabbed him and gave him a big hug and told him I was so sorry, I knew he didn't mean to and did my best to calm him. This all took place with in probably one and a half minutes. I got up and ran to the front door and told Diane we had to go to the hospital right now. She took one look at the blood running down my arm and the dangling finger, she went right into go mode. I left without shoes and was still in my pajamas, Peyton had clothes on but his hair was a mess and Paisley only had diaper on. In the moment getting my purse a cloth for dripping blood and a blanket for Paisley was as far as my brain went. I called Tex on the way to Jackson South and when we got there he jumped in the car and we went to Miami children's  hospital. It took a lot of waiting but they stitched her finger up,  Paisley was a champ through the whole thing. Even after when we had to re dress her wound and keep it dry she left her hand alone and would just work with her right hand. I remember having a very quick moment to my self before we left the house, in a whisper but also in desperation I almost begged my Father in Heaven to hep me. I repeated please help me, please help me! I need to be calm, please help me to be calm. I didn't want her to loose her finger, I know there were so many worse things that happen to people every day and this in comparison was nothing but still the same I needed help. When we got in the car I felt calm. I chanted shhh shhh shhh to Paisley until she feel asleep and she stayed asleep until we got to the hospital and didn't cry again. I know for a surety that there are people all over the world that  cry out to our Father in Heaven for help and comfort for way worse things than what was happening to me that day but I needed him and I know it was him who calmed both me and Paisley. It Strengthened my testimony so much, I know God lives and I know he loves us so much,  big or small he wants to help and comfort us just like I do with my children.

 We got through it and her finger healed and looks so great! We have sense had Diane leave, both my sisters and Aunt Star visit, we went to Texas for a week ( all these things got written about before this) It is now the first of April, although the first of this year has not been what we thought it would be or what we planned for it has been lots of lessons learned and memories to look back on. Last week Paisley woke up after only being a sleep for a few hours and then didn't go back to sleep until early early in the morning. It took a few days with a few doctors appointments to find out what was causing Paisley pain but we found it she had hand, foot and mouth. It was the worst on her little bum, she has red, pussy pockets at the back of her throat. She would not hold still long enough for me to take a picture of her hands and feet. We are going to visit Utah in June and I am looking forward to hopefully less of this kind of stuff and more relaxing memories. :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Our trip to Texas

 We left around 5:00 pm on Saturday March 14th and even though we were so super tired we drove through the night and got to Michael and  Beverly's around 3:00pm on Sunday. I think for driving 22 hours Paisley did pretty good with all the driving we had to do.

 Paisley slept in the living room while people came in and out, It made for difficult nap times but she took one for the team cause her brothers were outside having the time of their lives playing with their cousins and my oh my that dirt hill.
 Paisley also feel in love with the 6 puppies that they had, she literally smothered the poor things.
 We got to experience lots of things hanging out with this family, like watching Carter skin a snake, night bow fishing, eating at a place called the Hut ( the BEST PLACE I have ever eaten before in my life, not even exaggerating), we went camping for a few days and the last night and next morning we got poured on and the boys thought it was awesome to play in the rain and lastly one of the days I got to go with Beverly and Sissy to see the movie Cinderella that came out March 11th. None of these pictures are in order just some of our favorite memories with this super fun family.

                                         The Zip line.
                           Night Bow fishing, trying to not get eaten alive by mosquitoes.
We got to be with Ethan when he  received his Endowment on March 17th. He reported to the MTC just a few days ago. ( I am writing this post super late.)

                                             Swimming in the man made lake.

 Visiting Brent's Friend Manuel Ramon and his wife Ashley with their two cute girls. They are an amazing family! Wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often.

 We went canoeing. This was lots of fun but also not so fun sense Paisley hated her life jacket so much and pretty much cried the entire ride:(

 This picture is of the  last night camping when I was in the tent trying to put Paisley to sleep. I was laying on the blow up mattress when I heard some one yell look at the rain its coming, RUN!! and then I could here the rain drops hitting the tent, it was actually such a peacfull sound and Paisley feel right to sleep. I laid there listening to the rain knowing I was safe from getting drenched holding my sweet baby girl in my arms (she never lets me hold and cuddle her any more, she is to busy.) I loved every moment and tried to soak it in before I had to lay her down and feed my grumbling stomach :).
                                                    The camp site.

 We stopped at a hotel about half way home because I was not in the mood to drive through the night. This is how I found all three of my littles. We carried them into the hotel asleep and thankfully they all stayed asleep. We didn't get home the next day until 11:00 pm but we were happy to have visited Texas but glad to be home and out of the car. Another Fun and successful family Vacation :).