Friday, April 3, 2015

Our trip to Texas

 We left around 5:00 pm on Saturday March 14th and even though we were so super tired we drove through the night and got to Michael and  Beverly's around 3:00pm on Sunday. I think for driving 22 hours Paisley did pretty good with all the driving we had to do.

 Paisley slept in the living room while people came in and out, It made for difficult nap times but she took one for the team cause her brothers were outside having the time of their lives playing with their cousins and my oh my that dirt hill.
 Paisley also feel in love with the 6 puppies that they had, she literally smothered the poor things.
 We got to experience lots of things hanging out with this family, like watching Carter skin a snake, night bow fishing, eating at a place called the Hut ( the BEST PLACE I have ever eaten before in my life, not even exaggerating), we went camping for a few days and the last night and next morning we got poured on and the boys thought it was awesome to play in the rain and lastly one of the days I got to go with Beverly and Sissy to see the movie Cinderella that came out March 11th. None of these pictures are in order just some of our favorite memories with this super fun family.

                                         The Zip line.
                           Night Bow fishing, trying to not get eaten alive by mosquitoes.
We got to be with Ethan when he  received his Endowment on March 17th. He reported to the MTC just a few days ago. ( I am writing this post super late.)

                                             Swimming in the man made lake.

 Visiting Brent's Friend Manuel Ramon and his wife Ashley with their two cute girls. They are an amazing family! Wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often.

 We went canoeing. This was lots of fun but also not so fun sense Paisley hated her life jacket so much and pretty much cried the entire ride:(

 This picture is of the  last night camping when I was in the tent trying to put Paisley to sleep. I was laying on the blow up mattress when I heard some one yell look at the rain its coming, RUN!! and then I could here the rain drops hitting the tent, it was actually such a peacfull sound and Paisley feel right to sleep. I laid there listening to the rain knowing I was safe from getting drenched holding my sweet baby girl in my arms (she never lets me hold and cuddle her any more, she is to busy.) I loved every moment and tried to soak it in before I had to lay her down and feed my grumbling stomach :).
                                                    The camp site.

 We stopped at a hotel about half way home because I was not in the mood to drive through the night. This is how I found all three of my littles. We carried them into the hotel asleep and thankfully they all stayed asleep. We didn't get home the next day until 11:00 pm but we were happy to have visited Texas but glad to be home and out of the car. Another Fun and successful family Vacation :).

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