Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Childrens museum/ Paisley is 6 months.

( Monday June 2nd 2014) We went to the Miami children's museum. We were able to get a free pass from the library, we were there for about 4 hours. We played for a while stopped and had lunch at the Subway they had in the building and then were right back at it. They had everything from pretending to be a doctor/fireman/ cop to fishing on a private charter boat, me and Tate recorded an album together while Peyton watched a puppet show. Tex started residency the next day so it was a way fun day to spend together before life gets a tad crazy.

 June 2nd is also the day Paisley turned 6 months! It is seriously so crazy to me that she is 6 months old. She is getting so much hair and the cutest chubby cheeks that I absolutely love to kiss every second. She is unbelievably wiggly but has a smile that can turn any frown upside down. She still loves the shower and being held (a lot). We are still working on sitting up along with introducing some peas, squash, sweet potatoes, pears and bananas to her rice cereal. She doesn't really like them by themselves, she gets the shivers. It has to be mixed with the rice cereal something I think is pretty funny. I still love that any where and every where I go people stop  to see her and talk to her. They say " O my goodness she is so beautiful!!" My little Paisley always has a very serious look on her face, she is alert and aware of everything that is going on around her. We love her to pieces.

 (Thursday June 5th)- Peyton and Paisley went to sleep around 8:30 and Tate was not tired so I let him stay awake we roasted marshmallows and had some s'mores. I have a few one on one's with Peyton going to the benches but few with Tate, it was so fun that he was up hanging with us! I love my Tater bug.
(Saturday June 7th)- We went back down to Homestead to look for places to rent.  We stopped at burger king for a quick lunch. In and out of homes sitting in the car driving can be a lot for these little guys but they were awesome. We put offers down on a few homes and heard back yesterday ((Monday June 9th) that one of them accepted our offer. We are hoping to move in this up coming Friday. Yay!! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick update.

 The last few weeks have been so discouraging and crazy! I have not been able to sit down at night and write my thoughts. We found out a week ago that our loan was denied, so we do not get to buy the town home that we wanted to buy. The day we found out we felt so defeated and were both so confused. Sense then we have been looking everyday for a place to rent, we didn't know this but you have to put offers on rental just like you would buying a home, we put an offer on a a town home to rent in the same area and were going to wait until we heard but decided we should keep looking and put multiple offers so we hopefully have some options. All these pictures are a week or more old but wanted to document them any way. These cute pictures of Paisley  were taken (May 24th 2014) in the car. We were running errands and she was being a little cutie.
 These next 4 pictures were taken on (Monday May 26th 2014) It was memorial day, we had some friends over and went swimming and had lunch. These two  cute girls Lyndsay Howell and Kendra Larsen I just met when we got back in February. There husbands are in the podiatry program as well. Love them both so much! Lyndsay has been a huge source of strength to me over the last few weeks.

 Kendra made this cute head scarf, she has a shop called Puddles and Pails and I love her stuff.
 On Tuesday May 27th the next day, we moved all our stuff from our storage unit in Hollywood into our apartment. It is cramped, messy, cluttered and I hate it! I am having the hardest time living in such a cluttered mess but am trying to look for the best in each day.  We have had a lot of challenges over the last few months but have also had so much fun as well. Tomorrow I will put a few pictures on of our fun time at the children's museum. For now we are sill in a mess and are anxiously waiting for tomorrow to see if some one accepted one of our applications to rent.