Monday, May 26, 2014

I wish I had a recorder.

-This is why I should write these stories down right when they happen. Grrrr I am so mad I can not remember the details of this story. Two days ago, another night getting the boys ready for bed I was trying to read scriptures, with much difficulty I will add. I was talking about making good choices and Peyton said, "Mom I try really hard but you sill always give me spankins." Then Tate said without any hesitation, "I never get a spankin cause I always make good choices!"  Yes I did bust out laughing! Obviously he is human and a little boy so he does make wrong choices but for the most part he really is such a good boy, such a peacemaker.

-A conversation I over heard in the back seat, The boys saw a man smoking in the car next to us.
Tate said, "Peyton don't do that or you won't be able to breath and you will have to go back to heaven. Peyton said, "Yeah Tate we can't do that or we will be bad boys! That's a bad choice, They are super sucker bad.

- Tate says this to me when we work in his home work book, " I wish there was a way to get smart with out doing any of this!

The things I hear these boys say make me laugh most of the time because I swear I can remember being there age and feeling those exact feelings or because they are just straight up funny. They make me cry either because I am so happy that they are thinking/making such good choices or because I feel so bad that they are thinking/feeling it.
The other day Peyton asked me why I always say to him "stop that Peyton" "don't do that Peyton" "You never just talk to me!" It broke my heart! I do sometimes get so caught up with other things I don't just talk to him. It has been my goal to be a better listener to him and Tate.

I wish I had a secret recorder so I could record all the things they say or the cute conversations I have with them.                                                                                                                 
Tonight before I left the room I told Peyton I was sad that he didn't listen to scriptures ( he was playing with his action figures) I love you though I said. A few minutes later I had to walk in the room to get a diaper for Paisley and Peyton said. "Mom I'm sorry I didn't listen to scriptures." That's okay I said, we will do better tomorrow and he shook his head in agreement.

I don't deserve these sweet boys but I am sure grateful for them and will do my best to be worthy to have them!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Can we go to the benches?

 So about a month ago our AC broke and we were literally sweating to death. One of those nights we put all the kids to bed and were watching Dancing with the stars and Peyton kept getting out of bed and I was getting so frustrated and kept putting him back in bed. I could hear him in the bed room crying really hard and suddenly remembered  that he had a nap that afternoon and was NOT tired, So while Tate and Paisley were fast asleep and Tex was on the computer I let Peyton come and sit with me for the last dance and then I needed some cool air so I said Peyton lets take a walk out to the benches in the front of our building. We walked out and sat on the benches and I let him talk to me and show me how fast he can run and talk some more. It was like he was soaking something up that he hadn't had in a really long time, I realize now that life has been so crazy and now with all the attention Paisley gets this little man needed some undivided attention. It was and will be memorable for both of us. All that being said, now Peyton frequently asks to go to " The Benches"  he says come on mom it could be really nice?! So the other nigh these little guys were not tired and wanted to go to the benches (this was Tate's first experience at the benches at night time) It was 10:00 pm and it had seriously just stopped raining but we went out and had the best time. A couple of minutes before we went in the boys started playing in the rain and got soaked. You can't see the benches in the back of us but the benches are very special to me and never want to forget how special those nights were with my little guys.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Graduation festivities part two

I feel bad that I have not written about the rest of our fun around graduation. It seems like it has been crazy around here trying to get this town home in homestead and I am trying to get Paisley on a better sleeping schedule and then at night I am tired so I don't sit down to write. The rest of our fun after graduation! Sunday morning we woke up and Tex and his mom got a lot of dinner ready for the bbq at Dania beach so we didn't have to do it after church. We decided to take our family's to the branch which is more south and lots of our friends go to the branch ( The Marriott's, Matt and Jen Davis, Dr. Sutherland and his wife). It was seriously a wonderful day, Matt Davis who is the branch President gave a really amazing talk and Sunday school was about Joseph who was sold into Egypt and the spirit was so strong. 
After church we changed and drove to Dania beach for dinner by the beach, it was so yummy we had carrots, asparagus, marinated chicken, rolls and salad. Tex's parents had to drive back to Orlando so they left that afternoon. After dinner we took my parents, Grandma and Aunt Star to the Pier in Sunny Isles, it is so beautiful at night.

Monday we were suppose to go boating in the keys with my family like we did with Tex's family but when we got there the wind was really bad so they said we couldn't go. Instead we fed the tarpon and ate in the cafe that was a bud n mary's. We stopped at some of the shops on the way home and the fruit stand Robert is here we shared the yummiest banana chocolate shake and saw the coolest tree (rainbow eucalyptus)
we ended the night at Johny Rockets in the mall for dinner. A very fun day! I loved being with my little family and having me parents, grandma and aunt star in Florida with us. 

 Tuesday was our last day together so we took everybody to key Biscayne to snorkel. It was a little bit of a hike but my sick mom and Grandma made it to the beach and I think we were all glad that we did. Mom got pinched by crab, Tex, Aunt Star and Tate found some really cool little creatures that we left at the beach even though we wanted to bring them home. It was super hot out side so Paisley was pretty miserable but we made it through and hiked back and gotten eaten by misquotes. When we finally got through the traffic and back home we cleaned up and went to the board walk and ate at the Taco Spot and had some ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. It was sad knowing that they had to leave the next day but I knew they couldn't stay for ever so we said good night and then said good by to them at McDonald's the next morning.

So now on to residency and moving to Homestead, the time we had with our family's went by way too fast and we loved having them with us. Family makes life so much more worth living, people to support you and stand by your side means everything. I love my husband and little kiddos so much and even though I was so sad to see my family leave I knew I had my sweet family waiting for me to take care of them and I was honored to be the woman to do the job. :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers day 2014

Mothers day was both rewarding and crazy! It started with Tex and I waking up super tired from being up more than once with little Paisley so we were late for church but on our way Tate said from the back seat Dad how come some people don't believe in Jesus? Tex said well some people only believe in what they can see. Tate said well I can't see Jesus or Heavenly father but I still know he is there! I smiled big feeling relieved that he knew that truth so young and silently prayed he would always feel that way. Tex said that is right buddy it's like the Holy Ghost we can't see him but when you make right choices you can feel him telling you that you made a good choice. Yeah Tate said that's what Faith is!  
  Nothing else was said, we rode the rest of the way in silence but it was a moment as a mother when your heart is beyond full. I couldn't be more pleased with who my little Tate is becoming.Our apartment was messy to say the least and we had no real plans for dinner. Paisley napped for about an hour, Tex and I did not get naps :( Around 4 friends from the church said they were taking there kids to the park so we went along to expel energy from our boys. We didn't get home until 7:00 and decided it might be to late to start dinner so we had left overs. Carine Hachon came over and she had not slept for 24 hours( she is a nurse anesthetist) so she pretty much just crashed on our couch and then Tex and I decided to make a dessert that took way to long and all the while both Peyton and Paisley are crying/ whining! It wasn't until the end of night that I was about to go a little bonkers. Though a little more hectic then one would like on this special day that we celebrate being mothers and having wonderful mothers I felt so much love and happiness for my life and felt so blessed to have the privilege of being a mother to my three beautiful children and to have an amazing mother who taught me a lot about being a mother. After church we put Peyton in the shower because for some reason he smelt of pee and had a stuffy nose, when he got out and he was all clean and dressed I looked at him in his beautiful blue eyes and thought " You are mine!! and I love you so much." I snapped a few pictures of him to remember that moment.

Later that night I was feeding Paisley some rice cereal and she was so messy and so tired and so cute I looked at her and felt that same incredible joy rush over me " You are mine!! and I love you so much." I can't imagine my life with out these little ones in my life. It gets crazy and over whelming but I believe  I am becoming who I want to be because of my sweet children.

 I had to let Paisley cry for a while tonight before she fell asleep because I am trying to get her on a schedule and teach her to go to sleep on her own, it broke my heart! the mother in me said go rescue her!! I held out and she fell asleep quick and she still loved me in the morning. After a day of both satisfaction and stress in my life being a mother my thoughts turned to my sweet mother and all she did and does for me. She is my friend as well as my incredible mother. I am forever thankful for her sacrifice in my behalf.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stories of my boys

Last night (Wednesday May 7th 2014) my husband went to say goodby to a friend and class mate who is moving to Arizona for his residency, It left me with the kids and dinner/ bedtime/fussy baby/energetic boys/ messy apartment. I have done this before on many occasion but haven't recently so it got a little crazy and when that happens with as much sleep as I go on it was not a good mix. We got through pretty much all of it but while I was feeding Paisley so I could put that girl to sleep, Peyton who is regularly right by her head kissing, touching, some times being a little to rough came up wanting to kiss and touch and I asked him not to because she had been crying sense pretty much three in the afternoon. He had a small rubber band in his hand and was trying to put it on or around her ear and accidentally flicked her with it which of course made her scream in pain and I sorta lost it. I raised my voice and said Peyton go to your room, you know better, you can't be rough with sister!!! He left crying just as hard as Paisley and then I wanted to cry because I love that boy more than I can adequately  express! When he came out of his room I calmly told him to please be more careful with sister but wrapped him in my other arm (I am still feeding Paisley) and told him how much I loved him! Tate has in the mean time came up and put his mouth near Paisley's ear and starting saying shhhh, shhhh, shhh and then kissing her on the cheek he kept repeating until she had calmed down and then looked up after I had hugged Peyton and said Its okay though Peyton cause we all make mistakes. Mom makes mistakes, dad makes mistakes even I still make mistakes. :) How is he so inherently good??

  Tonight May 8th- After prayers when Tate was getting in bed he asked me if me and dad needed a lot of money to get this house that we are still in the process of closing on? I told him with a smile on my face that we did " It's taking way more than we thought!" He then said Mom I have three quarters and three dollars, you can have them if you need them. I don't know many 6 year old's and I don't remember how I was as a child but it astounds me how sweet and good his heart is and how easy is seems to come to him to do the right thing. I love my children beyond anything I could write, I hope these three kiddos know and always remember how much I love each of there amazing unique personality's!

A few days ago I was playing action figures with Peyton and needed to take a break so I laid down to stretch my back out. I asked Peyton where we get married and he said " NOT the church the temple!!" I had the biggest smile on my face and gave him the biggest hug and then asked him who he was going to marry? ( for the past year or so it has been me so I waiting for that response) He whispered in my ear... Terran, Vivie and you. Terran Marriott is a sweet 11 year girl who was in our ward but then when the ward split is now in the branch but her mom Tiffany Marriott is a wonderful friend of mine who has helped me through a lot of things in here  Florida. Terran and her older brother Kade love my boys and my boys love them. Vivie Simmons is a little girl his age that we play with a lot cause our family's are friends. I asked him why he liked Terran and he said " cause she the best!" Why do you like Vivie? Cause she my friend and always play with her. Why do you love me? Because I give you flowers. He does give me flowers, every time we go to get in the car he picks a flower and puts it behind his back and tells me he has something for me, he pulls it from behind his back and puts the small flower in my hand. I want to have more conversations with Peyton he is so cute, and so fun to talk to. :)

Terran is in the red sweater in the top picture and obviously Vivie is on bottom.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our last month

 Today we went to Dania Beach to bbq and snorkel with the Hiapo's, Dillon Carlisle and Dan Howell. It has been Perfect out side the last few days and we have spent a lot of time at the beach or the pool. With Graduation over and family gone home we have been waking up as late as Paisley will let us and then heading to the park or beach and ending the day with the pool or at least some variation of that. Today was sad because we have been under the impression that Tex wouldn't start residency  until July 1st but the third year resident texted him today and told him he started June 1st. My first thought is well dang we haven't closed on this house yet and then selfishly Nooooo!!!! Tex don't go. He has been around so much I don't know what I will do when he is gone all day long.  I am going to enjoy this month to its fullest while we can all hang out all day long, and movie nights and ice cream with Tex at night plus his willingness to help me with Paisley when I need a break.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paisley is 5 month

Paisley you are 5 months yesterday! A few more things we are learning about you/ things you are starting to do.
You have for the past month or maybe even longer sucked on your little fists tell you are soaking wet all down your little self! You smile very seldomly, you love your brothers even though they suffocate you. You love the shower and being naked, I love getting in the shower with little Paisley you because no matter how upset you are if we put you in the shower you are all smiles and giggles! You don't like to sleep for longer than a 30 minute time frame. I think in your 5 month life span you have only slept all through the night 3 times. Within the last week you are starting to grab for toys and suck on them. Your hair is filling in and it is the pretties blonde, you like to free fall from our arms, you know how to work your bottom lip. Its so funny when you get sad you pull that bottom lip over your upper lip and that's when we do whatever you want cause it's so sad. We are getting to know you and love you even more every single day.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Graduation Festivities part 1

 It all started (Thursday April 24th 2014) Diane and Reed got here on Thursday late afternoon and we went to Chef Creole for lunch/dinner. We went to the cove after and put our feet in the water, we went to bed early because we had to get up at 6 am for the boat that we rented in the keys. The sunrise on the way to the keys was so beautiful, I wish I was a professional photographer because my I phone does not do that sunrise justice. :) Every body snorkeled except me and Paisley, I kept an eye on everyone in the water and then got a little sea sick so laid down for a while. I started feeling better and when we stopped to find a fishing spot me and Peyton had the best time jumping off the back of the boat into the water. On our way back to return the boat Peyton said Mom that was fun jumping off the boat with you! I am not very good at it but when I let myself be young again I connect with my kids on a whole new level.  We ate at Dairy Queen on the way home and then stopped in homestead to show Tex's parents the town home we are trying to buy. My Parents flew in that afternoon and we met up with them around 6:30. 

 To say paisley's life jacket didn't fit was an understatement, she only lasted about a minute in it before we took it off. The boys loved the times when the boat was going fast, Tate put his arms out and yelled " This is the life!!" Reed had never snorkeled before and he did great, way better than me my first few times. Diane loves it and has the best time when she has her noodle she could probably stay in the water all day. My sweet baby did great on the boat it was hot and we were on the boat for 4 hours and she was happy for most all of it and then feel asleep for some it too. The water was clear and calm and so blue, we were suppose to go out on Monday with my family but the wind was so bad we couldn't go. I wish we could have because it something you will never forget.

We went to Chipotle for dinner with every one and then home to bed because Saturday was Tex's Graduation. Saturday April 26th will go down in history as one of the best days ever. Me and the boys got to hood Tex during the hooding ceremony. We got to walk on stage with him, it made it so real for all of us and every one in the audience must have loved the boys because the applause was crazy! We didn't get a great photo of that so when we get it from the school I will post a picture.

                                                      Doctor Brent Monroe Evans
 Doctor Charles Sutherland is a member of the church and was in our ward but is also a professor at Barry University he played the bag pipes in the beginning ceremony's, we got to take a picture with him witch was really cool. It unbelievably hot and sunny out side, it made for really sweaty pictures. I snapped a few pictures with Tex and two of his good friends Latif and Raj. I am so thankful he had good friends to go through this long journey with. They had refreshments at the gym so we ate and then went home to change, we went to back to the cove to cool off. 

                                               Tex and his buddy Raj Rammohan

                                           Tex and his buddy Latif Nurudeen

  Aunt Star, Diane, Tex and Tate all snorkeled while mom and dad cooled off in the warm water. I sat on the sand with my mom and some point during the afternoon and thought to my self holy cow my husband is a Doctor!! I remember thinking that the last 4 years were never going to end and now that it is over I don't want it to end. I have grown to love the high rise building all around us, the water that is right across the street, the busy streets at all hours of the night, good friends who all have kids my kids age and are all going through the same faze of life that I am. I know we can't nor would we really want to be in school for the rest of our lives but I am not or have ever been great at change and moving to a new part of Florida and trying to make new friends and lots of nights alone while Tex is at the hospital kinda makes me sad. We went to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner Saturday night. I love my family and Tex's family. I feel so lucky to have married into this amazing family and have such great support from both sides. We had lots more fun Sunday through Tuesday but will have to write more later.