Monday, May 26, 2014

I wish I had a recorder.

-This is why I should write these stories down right when they happen. Grrrr I am so mad I can not remember the details of this story. Two days ago, another night getting the boys ready for bed I was trying to read scriptures, with much difficulty I will add. I was talking about making good choices and Peyton said, "Mom I try really hard but you sill always give me spankins." Then Tate said without any hesitation, "I never get a spankin cause I always make good choices!"  Yes I did bust out laughing! Obviously he is human and a little boy so he does make wrong choices but for the most part he really is such a good boy, such a peacemaker.

-A conversation I over heard in the back seat, The boys saw a man smoking in the car next to us.
Tate said, "Peyton don't do that or you won't be able to breath and you will have to go back to heaven. Peyton said, "Yeah Tate we can't do that or we will be bad boys! That's a bad choice, They are super sucker bad.

- Tate says this to me when we work in his home work book, " I wish there was a way to get smart with out doing any of this!

The things I hear these boys say make me laugh most of the time because I swear I can remember being there age and feeling those exact feelings or because they are just straight up funny. They make me cry either because I am so happy that they are thinking/making such good choices or because I feel so bad that they are thinking/feeling it.
The other day Peyton asked me why I always say to him "stop that Peyton" "don't do that Peyton" "You never just talk to me!" It broke my heart! I do sometimes get so caught up with other things I don't just talk to him. It has been my goal to be a better listener to him and Tate.

I wish I had a secret recorder so I could record all the things they say or the cute conversations I have with them.                                                                                                                 
Tonight before I left the room I told Peyton I was sad that he didn't listen to scriptures ( he was playing with his action figures) I love you though I said. A few minutes later I had to walk in the room to get a diaper for Paisley and Peyton said. "Mom I'm sorry I didn't listen to scriptures." That's okay I said, we will do better tomorrow and he shook his head in agreement.

I don't deserve these sweet boys but I am sure grateful for them and will do my best to be worthy to have them!

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  1. Sweet memories. At least you are getting some of them down. Good for you.