Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stories of my boys

Last night (Wednesday May 7th 2014) my husband went to say goodby to a friend and class mate who is moving to Arizona for his residency, It left me with the kids and dinner/ bedtime/fussy baby/energetic boys/ messy apartment. I have done this before on many occasion but haven't recently so it got a little crazy and when that happens with as much sleep as I go on it was not a good mix. We got through pretty much all of it but while I was feeding Paisley so I could put that girl to sleep, Peyton who is regularly right by her head kissing, touching, some times being a little to rough came up wanting to kiss and touch and I asked him not to because she had been crying sense pretty much three in the afternoon. He had a small rubber band in his hand and was trying to put it on or around her ear and accidentally flicked her with it which of course made her scream in pain and I sorta lost it. I raised my voice and said Peyton go to your room, you know better, you can't be rough with sister!!! He left crying just as hard as Paisley and then I wanted to cry because I love that boy more than I can adequately  express! When he came out of his room I calmly told him to please be more careful with sister but wrapped him in my other arm (I am still feeding Paisley) and told him how much I loved him! Tate has in the mean time came up and put his mouth near Paisley's ear and starting saying shhhh, shhhh, shhh and then kissing her on the cheek he kept repeating until she had calmed down and then looked up after I had hugged Peyton and said Its okay though Peyton cause we all make mistakes. Mom makes mistakes, dad makes mistakes even I still make mistakes. :) How is he so inherently good??

  Tonight May 8th- After prayers when Tate was getting in bed he asked me if me and dad needed a lot of money to get this house that we are still in the process of closing on? I told him with a smile on my face that we did " It's taking way more than we thought!" He then said Mom I have three quarters and three dollars, you can have them if you need them. I don't know many 6 year old's and I don't remember how I was as a child but it astounds me how sweet and good his heart is and how easy is seems to come to him to do the right thing. I love my children beyond anything I could write, I hope these three kiddos know and always remember how much I love each of there amazing unique personality's!

A few days ago I was playing action figures with Peyton and needed to take a break so I laid down to stretch my back out. I asked Peyton where we get married and he said " NOT the church the temple!!" I had the biggest smile on my face and gave him the biggest hug and then asked him who he was going to marry? ( for the past year or so it has been me so I waiting for that response) He whispered in my ear... Terran, Vivie and you. Terran Marriott is a sweet 11 year girl who was in our ward but then when the ward split is now in the branch but her mom Tiffany Marriott is a wonderful friend of mine who has helped me through a lot of things in here  Florida. Terran and her older brother Kade love my boys and my boys love them. Vivie Simmons is a little girl his age that we play with a lot cause our family's are friends. I asked him why he liked Terran and he said " cause she the best!" Why do you like Vivie? Cause she my friend and always play with her. Why do you love me? Because I give you flowers. He does give me flowers, every time we go to get in the car he picks a flower and puts it behind his back and tells me he has something for me, he pulls it from behind his back and puts the small flower in my hand. I want to have more conversations with Peyton he is so cute, and so fun to talk to. :)

Terran is in the red sweater in the top picture and obviously Vivie is on bottom.

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