Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paisley is 5 month

Paisley you are 5 months yesterday! A few more things we are learning about you/ things you are starting to do.
You have for the past month or maybe even longer sucked on your little fists tell you are soaking wet all down your little self! You smile very seldomly, you love your brothers even though they suffocate you. You love the shower and being naked, I love getting in the shower with little Paisley you because no matter how upset you are if we put you in the shower you are all smiles and giggles! You don't like to sleep for longer than a 30 minute time frame. I think in your 5 month life span you have only slept all through the night 3 times. Within the last week you are starting to grab for toys and suck on them. Your hair is filling in and it is the pretties blonde, you like to free fall from our arms, you know how to work your bottom lip. Its so funny when you get sad you pull that bottom lip over your upper lip and that's when we do whatever you want cause it's so sad. We are getting to know you and love you even more every single day.

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