Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby shower

 This was such a fun baby shower that Faye- Dawn put together for me on (November 23, 2013) She made the cutest Diaper cake and the party favor was a grape fruit sugar scrub that I helped her make and I loved the way my hands felt after I did it. Lots of family and a few friends came and I got some of the cutest little girl things. My sister in law Teresa Evans gave us her car seat so we didn't have to by one and I have a little bassinet all clean and ready for this sweet little girl. We had a breakfast casserole and really yummy salad with fruit pizzas for desert. I am getting really nervous about the changes that are going to occur but on the same coin so excited! I was so grateful for those that came and shared in my excitement. I Even had friends that are not here Brittany Andersen and Sierra Degomez send me some the cutest crochet hats and sweaters.  I hope every one new how thankful I was, even my dad was the biggest help he took both boys out so they would not be in the way sense Tex is not quite here yet. 36 weeks and counting. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Crafts and Tramps

 These are a few of the fun crafts Peyton has done in preschool. We rotate weeks so this happens to be my week but I thought they were so fun and I think the kids had lots of fun doing them. Peyton has lots of fun playing with the other little kids and doing the crafts.

(Friday November 15th) My parents went to Idaho for my cousin Dave Workman's wedding, I was suppose to go but a few days before we were suppose to leave I had a doctors appointment and my doctor said that I was 80% thinned and already dilated to a 3 plus so she didn't think it was a very good idea for me to go 4 hours away. She even felt it necessary to give me a steroid to help mature the baby lungs because she wasn't sure I would make it to the first of December. Long story short I didn't get to go and I was bummed but me and the boys had some fun while they were gone on Saturday the 16th I took them down the street to this place called the Wair house that has tons of tramps and the boys could run and jump to their hears content. It was kind of expensive but worth it to see them having so much fun. Later that night my brother Brenton and his wife Aly came over to hang out with us and it was actually really fun. Brenton wrestled with the boys and then later me, Brenton and Aly came up stairs to get a snack and we goofed around. It was nice to have them here.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The first few weeks of November!

 I am the worst slacker ever! I have been meaning to write for ever but have had so many things on my list to do that I put this on the back burner. These first few weeks on November have been so beautiful. It so fun when my mom comes with me and we go the Murray Park way and let the kids play on what they call the dirt hills. A few days ago we took some old bread and fed it to the ducks and it was one of the split second moments that you take a quick snap shot in your memory and hope you never forget, the boys looked so cute sitting on the edge throwing the bread in the water. I wish I could slow down more to enjoy these little moments with these two boys.

 I went with my parents to my Grandpa Orullian's to watch them make chocolates and found it to be quite the science. Very serious business!
 We helped with yard work. My dad was digging up to big tree stumps/ trunks in the front yard and the boys tried their best to help. My mom bought them their own shovels and they thought it was awesome to be out helping the big boys. They discovered earth worms preparing Grandma's garden with her and we had our first snow, the boys loved loved it! They are going to need a little more than jackets when the real snow comes so they can really play in it.

  The boys love to play at the Murray Park way, they just run and run and run. It makes me feel so good that they get so much energy out. Not to mention it is so beautiful.

  This sunset was amazing last Saturday (November 9th 2013) We were just finishing up some yard work and my dad called us back out side to look at this amazing sunset.
 The boys got teeth cleanings, and I am proud to say that Tate had none and Peyton only had one. The doctor said it was not due to bad brushing just a little brown spot he didn't want to get worse. He was very impressed with how good and clean their mouths were. I will pat my self on the back for that  cause I don't feel like I am great at very many things as a mom but I am very diligent about brushing teeth. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October is over!

I should have been writing all through October but I am a total slacker so I am giving you our October fun in a nut shell. We went to Gardner village one day after Tate got out of Kindergarten and looked at all the cool witches, they got spider webs painted on there faces and got some candy corns from one of the little shops. It really was so fun, it was a little cold out side but not bad as you can see Peyton would not where his jacket. It will be  fun memories for me for sure cause it was just me and the boys hanging out one afternoon enjoying what I had missed so much in the fall while living in hot Florida.  October 7th 2013

 Wheeler farm was another fun fall day! I think it was called Pumpkin days and we paid 7 dollars each and got to do a wagon ride, go through the hay maze and then go through the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin. Tate had the best time in the hay maze and I loved the wagon ride. It was so beautiful out side I love the changes in the trees in the fall.       October 21st 2013

 This was a pumpkin patch that I went to with Miche Barbosa and a few of the other ladies I have met in the Hyland Lake ward. Me and Peyton could not stay for very long the day we went as a preschool  cause we had to go pick Tate up from school so we went back one night with my mom and Aunt Star.  It is actually an older couples back yard that they deck out with Halloween stuff, they had a little maze/ path that you could walk through that had all these little scary things in corners and even a dancing skeleton that when you walked by started dancing and singing. Aunt Star bought them a little thing of popcorn and they each got to pick out a  huge pumpkin.  October 14th 2013

 Carving Pumpkins was also another highlight! Brenton and Aly came over for a very short 20 min but it was still good to see Brenton sense he got married we haven't seen him much and we have REALLY missed him. Aunt Star came and we love having her around. She helped us carve the pumpkins and then cook the seeds. I have been missing Tex every day but this day I was really missing him! We missed his expert carving and artistic ability.    October 22nd 2013

 The Hyland Lake Trunk or Treat! I love this ward so much I have loved being back to visit it while we have been living here in Utah. I tried to dress up a little for it but it didn't go as well as I had planned. I was trying to be a doll but didn't have enough time to put it all together, o well. The boys looked cute as Spider man and Green power ranger and had the best time going around getting candy and seeing all there friends from church all dressed up. They had really yummy food, soups and hot dogs and a fun little spook alley and some games that the little kids could do. Tate and Peyton loved the spook alley we had to do it 3 times.                  October 30th 2013

 A friend that I went to school with in Elementary through high school lives in my mom and dads ward ( Kristen Nielson now Kristen Hutton) she has a little girl named Sophie that Tate met at school, they are not in the same class but they are both in AM and I guess have become very good friends. We invited her to come play with us at the Murray park right down the street from my parents. Tate was in heaven they all played really good together for about three hours and would have played right on through the evening but I was getting cold and hungry so I had so stop the fun. Again  it was beautiful out side all the leaves changing colors is really amazing! We found a little stream and hidden paths that took us behind my parents house. We through rocks in the Jordan river, hunted for the best leaves and they played on the dirt hills, we really wore them out. My Mom was with me and that made it even more fun we could chat while the kids played. It again will be a fond memory.   October 29th 2013

                             Halloween was so great and so stressful. That morning Tate had a Halloween parade and party at school. We were rushing around in the morning getting him ready and I totally thought that if we got to school 10 min early we would be fine but Tate missed the first little bit of the parade. He got out of school at 10:30 so mom, dad and I went to do a session in the temple. This sweet girl from the Hyland Lake ward ( Hayley King) watched the boys for us. It was really fun to go to the temple with my parents but after we got out it got crazy stressful. The boys wanted to go trick or treating with there cousins ( Vaughn & Teresa's kids) I wanted to stop by my mother in laws and go to a few houses in my neighborhood, but by the time we got out of the temple picked up the kids got them in there costumes it was almost 6 so we just headed straight for Vaughn and Teresa's house. We got stuck in bad traffic and didn't get to their house tell almost 7 and Peyton had fallen asleep. He was not a happy camper when I  woke him up, it was really cold and he didn't want to be in the cold running around like the others. Uncle Vaughn had to run back to their house to get another stroller for him to ride in and then about 10 min before we were all done Peyton decided he was in the mood for trick or treating. Uncle Vaughn put him on his shoulders and told Peyton the magic word was giddy up and then he would take off running which would make Peyton go falling back words and he loved it! We went back to their house and they let us eat and the kids played for a little bit. We then went by Aunt Faye- Dawns fire station to say hi because she had made cup cake and had a little bag for each of them. It was a really fun day but I was so glad it was over. I missed having my friend ( Tex) around for help but we got through it and the boys slept great that night.     October 31st 2013

 We did a few other things that I either did not take pictures of or didn't put in because I already put so many pictures in but we had a really fun October! :) We even decorated Grandmas house and front porch. Now on to Thanksgiving.