Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby shower

 This was such a fun baby shower that Faye- Dawn put together for me on (November 23, 2013) She made the cutest Diaper cake and the party favor was a grape fruit sugar scrub that I helped her make and I loved the way my hands felt after I did it. Lots of family and a few friends came and I got some of the cutest little girl things. My sister in law Teresa Evans gave us her car seat so we didn't have to by one and I have a little bassinet all clean and ready for this sweet little girl. We had a breakfast casserole and really yummy salad with fruit pizzas for desert. I am getting really nervous about the changes that are going to occur but on the same coin so excited! I was so grateful for those that came and shared in my excitement. I Even had friends that are not here Brittany Andersen and Sierra Degomez send me some the cutest crochet hats and sweaters.  I hope every one new how thankful I was, even my dad was the biggest help he took both boys out so they would not be in the way sense Tex is not quite here yet. 36 weeks and counting. :)

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