Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 This last week has been crazy! On Tuesday because of Doctors orders I had a Non Stress Test to monitor the baby's heart rate and check her fluids and they saw something in the test that concerned them called a late deceleration. When I had a contraction her heart rate went down and then labored to go back up to resting. They told me to go down to labor and delivery, they basically got me ready to deliver and strongly suggested that I have her right then. I didn't want to have the baby with out Tex so after further testing they decided everything else looked fine and that if I decided to wait I should wait no later than Thanksgiving. Tex left the hospital he was doing his last rotation in around 1:00 and packed, he left the hotel around 2:30 and basically drove 46 straight hours to be here on Thanksgiving to have the baby. We had not seen him for 2 months (the end of September) and it was an amazing reunion. After further testing on Friday with tests that looked really good we decided to wait tell Monday which would be December 2nd to have the baby. My doctor did not want me to wait and later than that. The baby is measuring small and it is making the doctor very concerned. So tomorrow at around 7:00 am we are going to the hospital to have a baby. I am very disappointed that I can't wait to see how my body would go into labor naturally but we have decided to listen to the Doctors and hope everything will go well?
 This year's Thanksgiving will be well remembered not only because of Tex driving crazy hours to get to Utah because of the possibility of having our baby but also because it was my whole family together. All my brothers and sisters and my brothers with their new wife's plus my little family all sitting around a table eating the yummiest food. My mom carried it off like a champ I don't think I could do what she did. She started the day before with rolls and jello salads and when were were only hours away from eating she only had a few more things to cook or get ready cause she was so on top of it. That night we went to Uncle Todd and Aunt Julie Orullians where my Aunt Star and Grandparents had Thanksgiving and had pie and played a few games. Later that night after putting my kids in bed and saying good night to a very tired Tex me and my sisters left around 10:30 to go the mall for the black Friday sales. It was so freezing and we were out with some of the crazy's but we had a good time laughing and joking around. The girls didn't get anything but I found some cute things in Gap for baby girl and some Sunday shoes for Tate.

 Friday the 29th the day after Thanksgiving is when Tex's mom Diane had hers. So all but Michael her oldest son and family were there. Tate had the best time with his cousin Ian (Eric and Marnies 4th child) they played power rangers and who knows what else. All the brothers went shooting with Reed in the morning and they took all the kids and the kids had a blast. I love Tex's family he has great parents and the best brothers and sisters and sisters in law. I could not have blessed with a more amazing family to marry into. The weekend proved to be relaxing and we were able to get a few things organized and ready for our new addition. 

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