Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My blue pants! (Thanks Miche:))

Love my blue pants!! :) I would never ever have bought these for my self but my best friend Miche Barbosa sent these awesome blue ones to me and I love them, they are so comfortable and super cute. Of course because I am a little messed up in the head I feel like I could loose like 5 pounds but I love them and now I want  every color they have. Thanks to my friend for pushing me to live a little. :)  Love you Miche!! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flu bug be gone!

 Little Tater has had the flu the last few days few days and Yesterday morning he seemed to be doing a lot better so we made a really dumb decision and took the boys to the seaquarium  and we had only been there 20 min and he said he felt like he was going to throw up . He threw up in some bushes and we packed it up. He was fine all day, we laid low but he begged for a peanut butter sandwich, he held it down along with a few other things but then at 1:00 in the morning he threw up again all over the bedroom. This is a picture of him waiting for dad to get home with the Gatorade. I think, hopefully we are on the up swing. Now we can start to play? :)
Sunday Night (July29h) the longest day ever! Tex stayed with the boys today while I went to church but this day seemed to drag on we just hung with the kids, make sure Tate is fully recouped before we do anything crazy!  Boys are in bed and now we are relaxing a little, Tex is painting and I am hanging on the computer. Good times. :) He has some mad skills, can't wait tell he is done so we can hang that rad turtle. Thanks Hun you are the best! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to it.

Well sense we have been back the boys have done a ton of Wrestling with Dad, almost ever night the boys ask dad to wrestle. It is so much fun to watch them play together. We of course have played at the park and splash pad because it is so hot and the pool pretty much every day. The other day we bought some tomato plants and planted them yesterday and it was so much fun, the boys made a huge mess but we had  fun. I hope they grow! When we were all done Tex tried to open a coconut with his hammer, kinda funny but I think he got it so... go Tex. :) Tex takes his last final this morning and then we can play most  of  August, we all need to get better first. Tex and I have colds and Tate threw up this morning and has not felt good sense. As much as I hate it I guess it is a part of life. I am looking forward to lots of family time at the beach, pool and Miami seaquarium.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We are home:)

Yay we are home!! The boys were amazing on the plane, such good little boys. :) Of course we are missing everyone from Utah family and friends alike but are glad to be home with Dad. The boys have been wrestling non stop with Tex, we are still all messed up taking late naps and not going to bed tell midnight but we are working on it.  Tex has a few more weeks of studying and then we have a lot of August to spend together. Are Air conditioning does not work so we are all very hot, the boys sleep in are room so hopefully we can get it fixed soon. Last night we watched How to Train your dragon and ate pop corn and it was so fun. We had time to go to the pool one last time before we got on the plane every one kept asking me where Tate got his swim lessons. I am so proud of him, he is such a good little swimmer. I am all over the place with my thoughts but things are good and we are happy to be home.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vernal Visit

 Vernal was so good to visit! I got to see my Grandma Southam, Aunt Connie, Aunt Teresa and cousins. I actually stayed with my cousin Kathy, She has such a beautiful home it was fun to stay with her. It was a really short trip but we had to get back cause I don't have a lot of time left and am trying to fit in so much. Time goes so fast. Aunt Connie had some old home video's that had me and my siblings when we were little and lots when my grandpa was still alive. I miss him so much!! Me and my Mom got sick the night before we left with the flu bug, we are just glad we didn't throw up on are way home. The boys had a good time playing with Tucker, Kathy's little boy. They swam in the little pool Aunt Connie had in the back and they played for hours in the dirt pit in the front yard. I am so thankful to have such Awesome family and am thankful for the Gospel that makes families for ever!! I love my little family and we are so excited to get home to Daddy!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The many faces of Tate!!

Tate being a goof ball!! :) I love this kid so much. He has so much Personality. I am thankful Heavenly father trusted me with him!

So Much FUN!!

 More fun times with our friends Miche, Miley and Lucas!!! :) They had a slip n slide, it was so fun to hang out with Miche and Norda Barrows in the shade and talk while the kids played.

 We went to see the Movie Brave on the 4th of July, I really liked it and I think my parents did too but Peyton didn't stay with it for too long ( I think we better stick with Peter Pan for now) and funny enough Tate was kinda scared, but it was still a fun day. After the movie we had a little BBQ, Mom made some yummy hamburgers and while they cleaned up the boys ran through the sprinkler..... sorta they just ran from Brenton and that was a lot more fun to watch.

We are going to miss hanging out with Family and Friends! The other thing my boys have loved to do is take walks with who ever, Grandma and Aunt Breanna or Grandma and Grandpa behind the house and throw rocks in the river. They love it and it keeps them occupied for hours. We are going to visit Great Grandma Southam and other family in Vernal tomorrow for a few days and then headed back to Miami a few days after that. We can't wait to see Daddy!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some more of are Vacation

O wow so many pictures that are fun memories that I could tell a story about, Grandma and Grandpa have boxes and boxes of otter pops that both me and my kids love and they are so yummy in this 102 heat. The day after we got home from the cabin My Grandma Orullian had a get together at her house to celebrate Fathers day and a few birthdays that had past, My Uncle Pete and Aunt Cathy who live in Seattle and one of my cousins who lives in Arizona were here visiting. Tate is so social and makes friends so easy so he played with every one and had such a good time. My grandma has a tree in the back that Tate and My Aunt Cathy's 4 year old found and were swinging off a rope that was attached to the tree. They had a balloon fight and the best part was cake! :) The other thing my boys have found is Uncle Brenton's video games especially the spider man game that Tate is learning to play,Peyton just watches but the other day I saw him in Brenton's room acting like he totally knew what he was doing, so funny. Stephany my sister in law blessed her little girl and we had lunch at my mother in laws and that was tons of fun as well Tate loves his cousins and I don't have to worry about him at all cause they are a little older than him so they take good care of him. I love my husbands family! Most recently we have been to the Murray pool, of course my kids love the water even though the water is a little colder then are pool in Miami they didn't mind at all! Tate did the slide like 30 times and jumped of the diving board 3 or 4 times. I am so glad he can swim and he is very good at it. We have a about 2 weeks before we go home to Miami and get to see Tex, I am so Excited to go home and see my husband and put the boys back in good sleep habits but I am going to miss my family, I love them so much! It is  so fun to stay up late and watch movies with my sisters, go to the pool with my sisters, talk with my mom, she has helped me learn some new things like sewing,and how to be more patient, my mom gives so much to are family I want to be more like her. It was fun to watch Basketball with my dad and listen to his advice on things in my life. I am going to go home and try and be better mom and wife and develop new talents. Life is good!