Monday, July 2, 2012

The start of are visit to Utah

Sense being in Utah my parents computer has had some issues and I have not been able to get on and write as much as I would have liked. ( Its okay dad I still love you.) Any way these are a few of the things that we have done in Utah. First I have to say all though my kids were not aweful having an extra pair of hands would have been nice on the air plane but we got here and are loving are stay.We have re united with are friends the Barbosa family, I feel so lucky to have such good friends. Miche has been the kind of friend that makes me want to be a better me and is so fun to be around, doesn't judge you she knows you are doing the best you can and I love her for that. Are kids (especially Tate and Miley) get along great so we have a good time. We went to Raging waters the water park that is actually now Seven Peaks. The boys had a riot!!! Tate and Peyton both love the water so much. We have spent some time and my Aunt Stars house, she had this little scooter thing that we took the boys on rides to kill the time while waiting for dad to help with the trailer they were painting. Love Aunt Star. We went to are little cousin Noelle ( My niece) preschool graduation. Peyton turned 2 on June 15th so on the day of his birthday we went shopping, that is were this awesome picture of Tate is taken, riding the esculator, we got Peyton an eclar later that night for his birthday cake but we did the real celebrating the next day. Tex's brother and sister in law's Jacob and Emily were nice enough to let us do it in there back yard. Uncle Jacob took the little kids on Horse rides, they had the pools out and the Adults talked. It was so good to be with my husbands family. I feel really blessed to have married into another super amazing family! Tate had the time of his life playing with his cousins they slept good that nigt. :) We have done lots of fun things and I have taken a ton of Pictures but I though it best to do it in Two parts, So more to come probably tomorrow.

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