Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some more of are Vacation

O wow so many pictures that are fun memories that I could tell a story about, Grandma and Grandpa have boxes and boxes of otter pops that both me and my kids love and they are so yummy in this 102 heat. The day after we got home from the cabin My Grandma Orullian had a get together at her house to celebrate Fathers day and a few birthdays that had past, My Uncle Pete and Aunt Cathy who live in Seattle and one of my cousins who lives in Arizona were here visiting. Tate is so social and makes friends so easy so he played with every one and had such a good time. My grandma has a tree in the back that Tate and My Aunt Cathy's 4 year old found and were swinging off a rope that was attached to the tree. They had a balloon fight and the best part was cake! :) The other thing my boys have found is Uncle Brenton's video games especially the spider man game that Tate is learning to play,Peyton just watches but the other day I saw him in Brenton's room acting like he totally knew what he was doing, so funny. Stephany my sister in law blessed her little girl and we had lunch at my mother in laws and that was tons of fun as well Tate loves his cousins and I don't have to worry about him at all cause they are a little older than him so they take good care of him. I love my husbands family! Most recently we have been to the Murray pool, of course my kids love the water even though the water is a little colder then are pool in Miami they didn't mind at all! Tate did the slide like 30 times and jumped of the diving board 3 or 4 times. I am so glad he can swim and he is very good at it. We have a about 2 weeks before we go home to Miami and get to see Tex, I am so Excited to go home and see my husband and put the boys back in good sleep habits but I am going to miss my family, I love them so much! It is  so fun to stay up late and watch movies with my sisters, go to the pool with my sisters, talk with my mom, she has helped me learn some new things like sewing,and how to be more patient, my mom gives so much to are family I want to be more like her. It was fun to watch Basketball with my dad and listen to his advice on things in my life. I am going to go home and try and be better mom and wife and develop new talents. Life is good!

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