Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vernal Visit

 Vernal was so good to visit! I got to see my Grandma Southam, Aunt Connie, Aunt Teresa and cousins. I actually stayed with my cousin Kathy, She has such a beautiful home it was fun to stay with her. It was a really short trip but we had to get back cause I don't have a lot of time left and am trying to fit in so much. Time goes so fast. Aunt Connie had some old home video's that had me and my siblings when we were little and lots when my grandpa was still alive. I miss him so much!! Me and my Mom got sick the night before we left with the flu bug, we are just glad we didn't throw up on are way home. The boys had a good time playing with Tucker, Kathy's little boy. They swam in the little pool Aunt Connie had in the back and they played for hours in the dirt pit in the front yard. I am so thankful to have such Awesome family and am thankful for the Gospel that makes families for ever!! I love my little family and we are so excited to get home to Daddy!!

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  1. Natalie and I stayed at Kathy's also. She really has done a great job. So cozy and beautiful.