Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Much FUN!!

 More fun times with our friends Miche, Miley and Lucas!!! :) They had a slip n slide, it was so fun to hang out with Miche and Norda Barrows in the shade and talk while the kids played.

 We went to see the Movie Brave on the 4th of July, I really liked it and I think my parents did too but Peyton didn't stay with it for too long ( I think we better stick with Peter Pan for now) and funny enough Tate was kinda scared, but it was still a fun day. After the movie we had a little BBQ, Mom made some yummy hamburgers and while they cleaned up the boys ran through the sprinkler..... sorta they just ran from Brenton and that was a lot more fun to watch.

We are going to miss hanging out with Family and Friends! The other thing my boys have loved to do is take walks with who ever, Grandma and Aunt Breanna or Grandma and Grandpa behind the house and throw rocks in the river. They love it and it keeps them occupied for hours. We are going to visit Great Grandma Southam and other family in Vernal tomorrow for a few days and then headed back to Miami a few days after that. We can't wait to see Daddy!!

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  1. love these pics! that was the best summer with you here!