Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It never goes as planned

 On February 3rd I was sitting outside with Paisley watching my boys play. They got skate boards for Christmas and our friends and neighbors boy has a skateboard as well, so they were riding bikes and skateboards etc.. I thought to my self Brittany get out there and play with your kids. I rarely do crazy things like this, I leave this to my husband! Well I did I put my shoes on and jacket and asked Tate to show me how to ride a skateboard. I was doing better than I thought I would and wanted to add a little speed, it was a really bad idea cause the next thing I knew the skateboard slipped out in front of me and my right foot was closest to the pavement  bent all the way backward to my heel. I hit the ground and felt the most excruciating pain!! I sat on the pavement trying to quickly deal with the pain hoping by some miracle it would pass quickly and I would just have a bad bruise but after about 10 seconds of that I knew it was something worse when my foot started to swell. I called Tex and told him I had done something to my foot, he told me to get inside, elevate it and take some Ibuprofen.  My friends husband picked me up and took me inside. I very courageously :) held it together while the neighbors waited with me for Tex to get home but as soon as I heard his voice I felt comfortable to let my courage wash away and I let the tears come and they came hard.  We had a friend Connie Mckee from the ward come and watch the kids while we went to the hospital for x-rays. Tex looked at the x-rays and didn't see anything so we left relieved nothing was broken, he stopped at publix got me a salad and some Carmel cone ice cream and we headed home.

 Day 2- my foot is crazy swollen and is turning green and purple.
 Day 3- still very swollen and back at the hospital for a CT because Dr. Carbonell saw some things on the x-ray that looked a little off. The CT showed that I did have breaks and a small dislocation. Thankfully we didn't need to have surgery! My mother in law Dianne flew out the 9th and got here early on the 10th to help out.

 Day 6-
 Day 8- This boot is going to apart of my foot for the next few weeks and it is teaching me patients like nothing ever could. This Year was suppose to be a year of working out and eating healthy. Tex and I had a good routine down and we were seeing results in our  bodies and we felt good but my foot through off every bodys schedule. Tex was having to help me out a little more and was getting up with Paisley in the night cause it is challenging for me. I hope the next few weeks go quickly and we can get back to the original plan :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

The New Year has begun!

 On New Years Day we took a walk around our building and because they were still in the process of building they had a huge sand hill that we stopped to play in. Even little Paisley was loving climbing all the way up and trying to slide down. We stayed until the sun was setting, It was such a simple thing but we had a lot of fun.

 January 9th and 10th, Tex went to Texas to help with interviewing the students who will be the new Resident. When he was there he had to rent a car and the lady gave him a Ferrari. He was feeling pretty fly and I will admit he was looking pretty cute. It was a quick trip but we are excited to welcome a new resident to the program and extra excited that it means Dad will be around a little more often starting July 1st.

 Later that week (January 13th) I took my two little ones to the park while Tate was at school. At our club house they have a park behind the pool, so we took a walk over and played on the swings and Paisley climbed the stairs. I tried to get her look for a cute picture but she always has something in her mouth or she wont look straight at me and I guess there is beauty in that as well. I remember feeling so blessed to be a mom. Of course I do everyday but I do have days were I loose focus of how important my job is, this day I was completely at peace with the messes, the time it takes to get anywhere, the whining/fits, homework, dinner, bed time etc. I am working this year at having more days like this then the other overwhelmed days :)

These two pictures of Paisley (January 20th) I added just cause I think she is  so cute and it is so typical of her personality. She so wishes she was already old enough to ride a bike and keep up with her brothers. It was been nice lately we go out side to ride bikes, scooters and skateboards and then all the neighbor kids come out to play. So we play until its dark and Paisley does her best to keep up.

 January 23rd we went with Dustin and Jennesa  Millward to Robert is here and to the Fruit and spice park. They just returned to Florida for their last semester of school before he graduates. It was fun for them to visit us, we needed to get out and doing something different and they were the perfect excuse to get out.

 We hugged the tree of life, ate bananas and star fruit from a tree and got a shake at Robert is here. The weather was perfect and the kids were good and glad to be out. January has been a Success so far, Tex and I have worked really hard to make sure we exercise as often as possible and most of the time that means 4 to 6 times a week. Aside from a few mess ups we also have been pretty good about eating healthy, I have read at least 2 chapters in the Book of Mormon every day and have worked to not call home as often. It is February 2nd today and I will work just as hard to make this month just as successful.