Friday, September 27, 2013

Tex is gone tell December

 I just have to say that saying good by to Tex today was really hard! We have seriously had the best time. We have visited family and friends, played at the store SCHEELS, eaten at cafe Rio, swam at the Murray pool, Tate started kindergarten, enjoyed Sunday's at the High Lake ward, Tex and I have watched some good movies ( Now you see me, white house down,), took family pictures at wheeler farm, threw rocks in the Jordan river behind my parents house, watched the boys play soccer and much more. Today we ate some lunch at Super Grinders after we picked Tate up from school and then dropped Tex off at the air port. I was trying to stay tear free  but when driving away feeling the emptiness in the car set in and then when Peyton asked why we were leaving dad at the air port? To which Tate replied its okay Peyton dad will be back in two days, he just has to go get are new car and drive it back! Peyton said I don't want to leave him at the air port. That is when I broke down, two months is not that long I guess? I mean at least its not a year or 6 months but to not be a family for 2 months it feels like a year. Just in the 6 weeks we waited from middle of July to end of August for Tex to get here, Tate would some times out of no were just start crying because he missed his dad so much. I admire my husband for his hard work and hope it pays off for us all. We are going to miss him so much and can't wait for Christmas so dad will be back.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So much to say! So much to feel!

I feel like I have so much to say I hope I can remember everything I want to say. We took family pictures the other day at wheeler farm and just got them back, looking at these pics and comparing them to older ones you realize how fast time really goes. It kinda scares me, I hope I am enjoying every stage rather then wishing them away? In these pics I am 7 months pregnant with number three and can't believe all the time that has passed sense I first got married 7 years ago. Today I am also feeling so grateful for everything I have, I seem to always have a small inward battle when I am pregnant because I really do love it, I love feeling them grow and move around but it is also such a sacrifice on your body and I am for sure feeling that. I think though on the whole I feel so blessed to be able to get pregnant and have sweet little spirits come into our home. Just yesterday we were with one of my husbands best friends wife and she has two little girls, one of them is three years old just like Peyton and Tate asked Peyton is that you girl friend? Peyton said no and Tate said yeah she is cause she is three and your are three. Peyton said NO again with a lot more power behind it, so  Tate asked well then who is your girl friend? He smiled big and pointed at me and said Mom is my girl friend! I don't think I have ever been so excited in my life to have the privileged of being this cute boys girl friend. :) I have so many faults that I know my boys see everyday but I feel so grateful that they look past them (right now) so easily.  I know that all children that come into some ones home is a blessing for them but I truly feel these little boys are blessings from a loving Heavenly father. On another note tomorrow Tex is leavings us for two months and he will hopefully be back first of December for the baby. This brings me to another thought, what an amazing dad Tex is! He really should win the best dad award, he is the perfect mix of everything. He loves to spoil the boys, he is a great disciplinarian but the boys always no how much he loves them, He has so much energy so that he can wrestle and play with them tell they are all wore out... I could go on and on. I am going to miss him so much these next few months and its crazy to think that pretty much right when he gets back our family will change for the good but it will change forever.  Life is not perfect and for sure our family and marriage are not perfect but when I really let it all sink in I am the luckiest girl in the world and know that It's ^ all blessings from heavenly father. I love this gospel and knowing of its truthfulness! I can't wait to listen to conference in a few weekends and receive counsel from the Prophets and Apostles.  I hope I said it all so that I can always look back and remember how lucky I am for all that I have.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aly- Marie's Bridal shower ( Sept 21 2013)

 I cant believe my brother Brenton is getting married in less then 3 weeks! I am so happy for him and  so excited he gets to marry such a cool girl. We through a Bridal shower for her this past Saturday and although some work is always  involved it was a lot of fun to put it together. I was trying to kind of go with a theme of  " Our love is picture perfect" I hung with clothes pins a whole bunch of pictures of them, that I made them take and send to me the weeks before her shower. We had chicken salad on crisconts, pasta salad, fruit, chips and salsa and a delicious pink lemonade drink with floating raspberries.
 I put a play list together of love songs that included Chicago- Your my Inspiration, Elvis- can't help falling in love, The righteous brothers - unchained melody, Justin Bieber- As longs as you love me, Selena Gomez- Love you like a love song. We had about 16 songs and I made a c.d for every one, so one of our games was I played a portion of the song and the guests had to guess what the name of the song was and who sang it. Lots of fun! Our party favors were some Jiggy sticks, nail polish ( in her colors) and some small lotions. They got to take one c.d and a party favor.

 My favorite was drinking out of mason jars with the really cool grey and white striped straw.

 We had all the guests write some advice to the new couple and I have this grand idea to put the advice and pictures in a book for her?

 Lots of family and friends are what make the shower worth  while, we had lots of family and friends and she got a lot of great stuff. It was my first Bridal shower so I was kinda nervous but I think it was a success?

 Aly got everything from picture frames to mixing bowls and some really cute boxes that our cousin Kathy Vincent made for her. Aly we already love you so much and we are excited you are going to be a new member of our family. You better take good care of Brenton or else! :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tates third week of school

 Well Tate started his third week of school today and this is some of my favorite drawings that he has done. They are Ninjas, I guess the one with 4 ninjas is Tate, dad and two of his friends and the one with just two is Tate and dad.  I think he likes school, he does not say a whole lot when we pick him up. When ever he gets in the car and I ask Tate how was your day? What did you do? He just says really short it was good. So I guess as long as nothing he says alarms me or the teacher is not sending notes home then I will try and have this response be good enough. I think he is such a good drawer, He got Dads Artistic ability. I love you Tate!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A few of my thoughts

 First thing is a cute little story of my little Peyton, Yesterday morning while we were eating breakfast he looked at me with milk dripping down his face and said Mom when you are a big girl and I am a big boy I will marry you! I hope/wish so much that even when my boys are older and have wife's they will still love me like this. I mean I know that the mother takes a back seat to the wife as it should be but I really want to have close relationships with these special boys that I love so very much. Peyton is only 3 years old but I am learning that they grow so very very fast.

On another note... this pregnancy I am 25 weeks along and I wish I had a way to really remember all of the physical changes and feelings that come along with being pregnant because there are parts that I really love and  think I will miss when my child bearing days are over like my favorite is feeling that little growing baby move. It is the coolest feeling in the world, the anticipation of seeing your new addition ( what will they look like? What kind of personality will they come with? etc..) This time around its really fun because its a little girl so there is a lot more anticipation because we don't know what to expect, I think it is for sure a wonderful blessing to able to be pregnant but Obviously there are  down sides like your tail bone that feels like its going to break every time you stand up after sitting for longer than 5 min, for me until I get to about 6 months I know my body is changing but it doesn't feel like I cant do stuff like get out of bed or turn in bed, bed over to tie shoes that sort of thing but It is definitely a different feeling to not be able to do those things with ease any more. Also my least favorite part is the first trimester with the sickness and from 6 months on the heart burn. I have a constant battle with my self that goes something like this.  I can't wait for this baby to be here, I hope she comes early, Its going to be so fun to hold her.... But then in the middle of the night when helping Peyton back into bed or Tate with a night mare I think to my self I totally can't have this baby I am going to be so tired all the time. How will I take care of three? but then almost as soon as I am done with those thoughts I am right back to being crazy beyond excited. I am really nervous to try and nurse because it didn't go so great the first 2 times but I am going to try some things that some friends have told me. One Friend said that a few months before she delivered she would start drinking tons of water and pumping to get her body use to the sensation. Another gave me a book that I need to read called The nursing mothers Companion, I think a lot of it is being relaxed which is something I really need to practice because I have never been great at it but I am hopeful this time around. All in all I love it and do feel it a blessing, I wish I was a perfect parent to my wonderful kids but I think I am doing the best I can so hopefully that is enough? 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tates first day of Kindergarten/Tex's 31st Birthday

 I seriously can't get over that I have a 5 year old and he is in Kindergarten! I was watching some home videos just a few days ago of Tate just minutes after his birth. I remember filling so over whelmed by it all but in the video I said to my mom all choked up, that all I wanted to do was make sure he stayed safe. I drove away this first day of kindergarten feeling more than ever that I knew I needed my Father in Heavens help to watch over him through all theses years of school. He could not recall really anything from his day except that he got to eat skittles and that he did make friends he just could not remember there names. I have realized over the years that Tate has been a blessing from Heavenly father to me and our family cause he is so easy going.  So I guess it should come as not surprise to me that he was like, yeah school was great and that was it. The second day (today) when I picked him up when he got in the car and I asked how his day was he said good but then only his second day in was my worst nightmare. So I said what else happened... Well I got kicked in the face by a kid and the he spit at me. Are you serious I said? Yeah but he wasn't just any kind of kid he was a bully Kid, Mom you should have seen his hair! O my I said what was his hair like? His mom did it like a tower (a Mohawk I would guess) and he was wearing a necklace! I asked if he was in his class and he said no that he was older then him. Tate then asked if it was okay if he does it again if he can kick and spit back? No I said that's not what our Heavenly Father would want us to do but next time you stand up really tall and say really stern  don't do that to me again! ( I don't know I hope that was good advice and that it will work) of course I said if it keeps happening to tell me and I will talk to the teacher. The best part is when he looked out the window and I looked at him through the rear view mirror and asked did you already do it back to him? He made a face like oops and looked away. I said its okay Tate but just don't do it next time. It is really scary to me what the world is like and that I have to send him out in it and  do nothing tell him comes home, I hope and pray that he will always let the holy ghost lead and guide him. All this aside he was the cutest kindergartener in the class and his brother missed him very much.Peyton kept asking why we were leaving him there and then in the car said why is Tate not in his car seat? Even though they fight they really do love each other and I love it that they do!

 It so happened that Tate's first day of Kindergarten was Tex's Birthday and we were lucky that he got to be with us for it. We went to lunch at East Coast subs and then went home to open his one present a new fossil watch. later that day we went to his parents for dinner and had some delicious  dinner and carrot cake. It was fun to have Tex's Brother Jacob and his family join us that night. We had a really fun time and I have to say I am so grateful to have married into this family, I feel like a really lucky girl. Happy 31st Birthday to my wonderful & hardworking husband!

I am sorry if this is hard to read because of my awful punctuation. I should have paid attention better in school.