Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aly- Marie's Bridal shower ( Sept 21 2013)

 I cant believe my brother Brenton is getting married in less then 3 weeks! I am so happy for him and  so excited he gets to marry such a cool girl. We through a Bridal shower for her this past Saturday and although some work is always  involved it was a lot of fun to put it together. I was trying to kind of go with a theme of  " Our love is picture perfect" I hung with clothes pins a whole bunch of pictures of them, that I made them take and send to me the weeks before her shower. We had chicken salad on crisconts, pasta salad, fruit, chips and salsa and a delicious pink lemonade drink with floating raspberries.
 I put a play list together of love songs that included Chicago- Your my Inspiration, Elvis- can't help falling in love, The righteous brothers - unchained melody, Justin Bieber- As longs as you love me, Selena Gomez- Love you like a love song. We had about 16 songs and I made a c.d for every one, so one of our games was I played a portion of the song and the guests had to guess what the name of the song was and who sang it. Lots of fun! Our party favors were some Jiggy sticks, nail polish ( in her colors) and some small lotions. They got to take one c.d and a party favor.

 My favorite was drinking out of mason jars with the really cool grey and white striped straw.

 We had all the guests write some advice to the new couple and I have this grand idea to put the advice and pictures in a book for her?

 Lots of family and friends are what make the shower worth  while, we had lots of family and friends and she got a lot of great stuff. It was my first Bridal shower so I was kinda nervous but I think it was a success?

 Aly got everything from picture frames to mixing bowls and some really cute boxes that our cousin Kathy Vincent made for her. Aly we already love you so much and we are excited you are going to be a new member of our family. You better take good care of Brenton or else! :)

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