Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tates first day of Kindergarten/Tex's 31st Birthday

 I seriously can't get over that I have a 5 year old and he is in Kindergarten! I was watching some home videos just a few days ago of Tate just minutes after his birth. I remember filling so over whelmed by it all but in the video I said to my mom all choked up, that all I wanted to do was make sure he stayed safe. I drove away this first day of kindergarten feeling more than ever that I knew I needed my Father in Heavens help to watch over him through all theses years of school. He could not recall really anything from his day except that he got to eat skittles and that he did make friends he just could not remember there names. I have realized over the years that Tate has been a blessing from Heavenly father to me and our family cause he is so easy going.  So I guess it should come as not surprise to me that he was like, yeah school was great and that was it. The second day (today) when I picked him up when he got in the car and I asked how his day was he said good but then only his second day in was my worst nightmare. So I said what else happened... Well I got kicked in the face by a kid and the he spit at me. Are you serious I said? Yeah but he wasn't just any kind of kid he was a bully Kid, Mom you should have seen his hair! O my I said what was his hair like? His mom did it like a tower (a Mohawk I would guess) and he was wearing a necklace! I asked if he was in his class and he said no that he was older then him. Tate then asked if it was okay if he does it again if he can kick and spit back? No I said that's not what our Heavenly Father would want us to do but next time you stand up really tall and say really stern  don't do that to me again! ( I don't know I hope that was good advice and that it will work) of course I said if it keeps happening to tell me and I will talk to the teacher. The best part is when he looked out the window and I looked at him through the rear view mirror and asked did you already do it back to him? He made a face like oops and looked away. I said its okay Tate but just don't do it next time. It is really scary to me what the world is like and that I have to send him out in it and  do nothing tell him comes home, I hope and pray that he will always let the holy ghost lead and guide him. All this aside he was the cutest kindergartener in the class and his brother missed him very much.Peyton kept asking why we were leaving him there and then in the car said why is Tate not in his car seat? Even though they fight they really do love each other and I love it that they do!

 It so happened that Tate's first day of Kindergarten was Tex's Birthday and we were lucky that he got to be with us for it. We went to lunch at East Coast subs and then went home to open his one present a new fossil watch. later that day we went to his parents for dinner and had some delicious  dinner and carrot cake. It was fun to have Tex's Brother Jacob and his family join us that night. We had a really fun time and I have to say I am so grateful to have married into this family, I feel like a really lucky girl. Happy 31st Birthday to my wonderful & hardworking husband!

I am sorry if this is hard to read because of my awful punctuation. I should have paid attention better in school. 

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