Friday, September 27, 2013

Tex is gone tell December

 I just have to say that saying good by to Tex today was really hard! We have seriously had the best time. We have visited family and friends, played at the store SCHEELS, eaten at cafe Rio, swam at the Murray pool, Tate started kindergarten, enjoyed Sunday's at the High Lake ward, Tex and I have watched some good movies ( Now you see me, white house down,), took family pictures at wheeler farm, threw rocks in the Jordan river behind my parents house, watched the boys play soccer and much more. Today we ate some lunch at Super Grinders after we picked Tate up from school and then dropped Tex off at the air port. I was trying to stay tear free  but when driving away feeling the emptiness in the car set in and then when Peyton asked why we were leaving dad at the air port? To which Tate replied its okay Peyton dad will be back in two days, he just has to go get are new car and drive it back! Peyton said I don't want to leave him at the air port. That is when I broke down, two months is not that long I guess? I mean at least its not a year or 6 months but to not be a family for 2 months it feels like a year. Just in the 6 weeks we waited from middle of July to end of August for Tex to get here, Tate would some times out of no were just start crying because he missed his dad so much. I admire my husband for his hard work and hope it pays off for us all. We are going to miss him so much and can't wait for Christmas so dad will be back.

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