Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our weekend (September 27-29 2013)

 After we said goodby to Dad on Thursday we went home to chill for a while and I must say that the emptiness the three of us felt was very sad. Peyton fell asleep and me and Tate laid on my bed down stairs to relax for a bit, he played on his tablet and while he was playing from the quite he said Mom are you going to love baby Elsie more than me and Peyton? I was so shocked! No way buddy I could never love her more then you guys I will love you all the exact same! He looked at me and said well she is going to be pretty cute.  Again amazed at what my five year old is always thinking I assured him that my love for him would never change or lessen because of a new baby. O how I love these boys! Friday we went to look for glasses for Tate and we found the ones he loved at Target, they had red flames on them and he has been asking everyday sense, when they are going to call so we can go pick them up.

 Later that night we went to Tate's School for a Carnival and they got there faces painted like Tigers. Tate was so concerned about his face he kept asking me if it still looked good. They had jump houses and slides, games, cookies, pizza, nachos, cotton candy, a photo booth, silent auction, face paintings. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Blake and Aunt Faye- dawn came to hang out with us in the freezing weather. It was are first taste of fall, I had bitter sweet feelings. I have been so excited to be in Utah for a fall sense living in Florida, I did love feeling the crisp air but I don't think I am super excited for the snow?

 Tate thought it was so fun to throw a pie in his teachers face. I have to say it was funny to watch him not even try to throw it, he just walked right up to her  and mashed it in her face.

 Saturday Morning we went with Grandma to the Farmers Market. We got lots of yummy fruit and veggies and the sun was shinning so the crisp air was wonderful.

 The whole weekend was so great but I have to say that I really had the best time riding Trax down town with my mom and sitting in the conference center to listen to the General Relief Society Meeting. Watching all the women dressed in Sunday best and you knew that they we were all going to the same place. I am so grateful to be a member of this church. The Meeting was so wonderful I felt the spirit so strong and loved the messages that were shared. The first speaker was General Relief Society President Linda K Burton: She talked about how we are a covenant people and that keeping our covenants is one of the best ways to show our love for Heavenly Father. - Keeping  our covenants is real happiness, - that we can teach our children by example to be covenant people. I loved at the end she asks us to evaluate how much we love our Heavenly Father? Carole M Stephens: Talked about missionary work and helping to bare each others burdens and that we can be an instrument in the lords hands.  Linda S Reeves:  I loved this talk! I want to go back and re read the whole talk  I didn't take very many notes cause I could not keep up with all my thoughts. President Monson: is always a joy to listen to, I lot of what he said was to always pray and that god answers prayers. He shared a wonderful story about a women who was very over whelmed with all she had going on in her life and was not able to eat. She told a friend or sister that the only thing that sounded good to eat was home made bread and miraculously the next day some one that barely new her felt impressed to bake a second loaf of bread and take it to her. I  had chills listening to this story, I want to more ready to be an instrument in the lords hands so I can help him answer the prayers his children. I am very excited to listen to General Conference this weekend. :)

  We still had about half hour before it started when I took this picture. It was a full house. Every seat was filled. It's AMAZING!!!

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