Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wheeler Farm- Pumpkin days/ Why did Mulan Lie?

 Yesterday I took the boys to wheeler farm, Tate was off for UEA. We got to take a wagon ride, go through the hay maze and pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. We did the wagon ride first and then walked around for a little while before we did the haze maze. Peyton wanted to see the horses, every time we see a horse he tells me that he wants one some day.

 Tate loved the hay maze! He ran ahead of me and Peyton yelling mom come look at this!He had such a blast. Peyton got lost once and when Tate found him his eyes were all red and he had tears running down his cheeks, He said Mom I was looking for you.

 The Pumpkins were not the best looking but the boys had fun looking at all the fun Halloween decorations. Peyton found the perfect little pumpkin and carried it all the way to the car huffing and puffing. One thing I have missed living in Florida is the changing of the leaves on the trees. The colors are so beautiful. I definitely am having a hard time adjusting to the cold, especially in the morning when I take Tate to school but I love the colors when the change of season comes. We had such a good time, the sun was shinning so it made for a warm day unless you were standing in the shade. I had the best time watching them have so much fun and the looks on their faces with the different spider and witches decorations. This will always be a very fun memory for me.

Right now both the boys are sorta obsessed with the movie Mulan. On our way home from wheeler farm Tate said to me Mom Lying is bad! Not so much like he was asking but more like he was telling me or even confirming it. So I said you are so right it is not good at all, we should never lie. His next question... So why did Mulan lie then? For like one second I didn't even no what to say, Tate is so inquisitive and deep thinking so I wanted to make sure I answered correctly but also  knew that he was maybe to young to understand that on rare occasion lying for the greater good is some times okay and the traditions of other cultures and that kind of thing. So I said well her dad was really sick, and then Tate added that the dads leg was hurt really bad but fearing that I was still condoning lying I said you know Tate, Mulan should have told her dad  that she was going to go fight in his place. Tate said well I still don't think her dad would have let her go? I think we came to the conclusion that she did it because she loved her dad but that we should not lie. I hope that I  always have an answer for his always thinking mind. I am learning though that reading my scriptures and staying close to the spirit is so important in raising these children I need my Father in Heavens help so much!

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