Monday, October 14, 2013

Conference weekend/ Brenton's Wedding

                   Conference Weekend-   I loved loved conference! So many amazing talks. I loved the talk given by Elder Holland, Pres Eyring, Pres Uchtdorf. Lots of others that really touched me but for some reason these ones really stuck out to me. I will never forget Uchtdorf's quote " Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!" Hollands talks always affect me so much, I really want to read and read this talk! I felt so blessed to be able to watch it in my parents comfortable home all bundled up taking notes as fast as I could. I think next year I will work harder at things that will keep my boys interested in conference, I want them to know how wonderful and Important it is to watch or listen to conference.
 We Relaxed during the 2 hour break and after a delicious dinner we played monopoly deal. Brenton's last weekend in the home.

Brenton's wedding:

 The wedding dinner was at a place called Cantina's, it was Mexican food and it was really yummy. Me, sisters, Blake& Faye-dawn were all at the same table and we had a blast sitting together. For some reason we got to talking about people with Googly eyes and we could not stop laughing. It was such a fun time and I love spending time with my family/ siblings but It was sad for me for some reason. Maybe just cause I live at home right now but knowing Brenton is not going to be down stairs any more has been really hard for me to work through. Its so crazy how time really just keeps ticking on. Sisters are at school, both brothers are married and out of the house now and and in January our family will be gone too. Its the way God intended it and its so good for Brenton to be married, he has waited for so long to find some one and I really am so happy for him but I miss him!
 I'm so glad that we all went out for Ice cream after the wedding dinner. It is probably the last time that were going to be all together. Leatherbys has always been a family favorite so we went and got ice cream and french fries and had a really good time.

 I'm bummed I didn't get better pics of the day but it was beautiful! Being in the ceiling room was such a privileged!! The sun was shining so bright in fact the sealer joked that they had special ordered the sun shine. His words really were inspired and it made me want to not only attend the temple so much more often but also to work so hard on my marriage. I want our marriage and family to be a happy and Eternal.

  Brenton was so nervous about the dance but he did great and they both looked so wonderful.  The day was crazy and jam packed but so fun and memorable. Side note- I can't believe how big I am getting. This pictures made me so excited for the baby to come.  Being pregnant is hard but I feel so blessed to carry a child. I have heard three is a hard adjustment so I really hope I can do it but It really does not change the fact that I am so excited!

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