Friday, October 25, 2013

Mom you are my best beautiful friend

Because Peyton is so energetic and some times a little more aggressive then Tate is his sweet side can be over looked but tonight like many other nights he has melted my heart and I so badly never want to forget how sweet this little boy is. After I read scriptures I was saying good night and walking out of the room when Peyton said mom I want to give you a hug. I knelt down at his bed and he wrapped me up in his arms and said mom you are my best beautiful friend! I hugged him tight and told him I loved him so much. My ear was very close to his mouth while we were hugging and his little voice said quietly "your my mom." "I want to keep you." I whispered back yes I'm your mom, I will always be your mom.  I am always trying my best to stay patient with my boys because they both have so much energy and minds of there owns but I forget so often that I am learning as I go as a parent and that they are being so so patient with me as their mother. I am so thankful for them, and so thankful  my Father in Heaven trusted me with both these boys.

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