Saturday, March 23, 2013

No Kids!

Peyton the little cutie, Dad had everyone packed but he found this bag and made me put food in it for him and he carried it around and then all the way to the jeep.

 Tate had been talking about the camp out sense yesterday, this morning I heard about it ALL day long!!! He kept asking when dad would be home? If he was going to miss it? Were his friends already there? It was only 2:00 in the afternoon but every hour he would ask. Finally it was time to go and I helped them out to the jeep. When they got in the car I kissed all 3 of them and waved good by. Tex called me a second later and said that Tate had said a prayer that I would be safe and that they would be safe. I am not nearly as patient with these boys and I am afraid I am  taking for granted there sweet spirits. I Love you Tate!! Thank you for being so patient with your Mom. I wish I was better at being your Mom, I love you and your brother more then you can ever comprehend! I will always work harder. :)

 This is a photo Tex took with his phone and sent to me! I really hope it wasn't to miserable for you hun? Thank you so much for the free time though, I missed you guys but I also enjoyed a little free time. I am sure with Peyton it could not have been super easy but thank you so much for being the best dad and husband a girl could ask for.
 What should a girl do with all this spare time?   I ate some ice cream with some friends, I worked on girls camp devotionals and pillow treats, laundry, blog, make a list for the next day and I loved every minute of it. I am excited to see you three in the morning, I am going to go to sleep so I can do just that.. see you in the morning. Well wait it is morning, its actually 2:00 AM I mean even earlier so I better hurry!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Another little moment with Tate.. Two days ago (March 14th 2013) We were walking home from the gym and we witnessed a car accident. The car in the back that crashed into the one in front, his air bags came out and his car started smoking and the hood was all jammed and me and Tate were both saying O man that stinks, Tate said : Yeah do you see all that smoke?" I said should we say a little prayer for them? Tate said yes and he said the prayer it was so sweet. " Dear heavenly father thankful for this day, please bless that car to get fixed and that it will drive again. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Love this Man!!

29th Birthday/7 year together!! (March 16th 2013)

One week ago today I turned 29 years old! Its so crazy, when your 18 you think you will never turn 30 cause it seems so old, but here I am a year away from it. It started at 6 in the morning with Tate who had been up all night with Tex, he was complaining that his ear hurt. We were on our way to the ER cause we could not find a urgent care, when we were driving out of the parking garage Tate said  " I think I can wait for the doctors to open?" so we went back up stairs and I made breakfast and at 8 we took him to the doctors office and sure enough he had an ear infection! After we got all that figured out Tex let me go and get a pedicure, it was so relaxing and my toes look so cute! One of the Young Women (Adriana Valadez) came over around noon and watched the boys while we went out, we went to the gulf stream and walked around had lunch at the Yard House, we went to the mall and shopped. It was so great cause shopping with kids is so hard so just being able to walk in and out of a store with out having to say " don't touch that", " stay close", "please come here"! It was fun to hang out with just Tex!!

 Later that night we were going to have another friend watch the boys while we went to cheese cake factory for dinner but when we got home and Adriana left the boys were being so whiny and green stuff was coming from Peyton's nose and we didn't want Jen Davis to get sick, she is pregnant and you cant take anything if you get sick. So we called her and told her not to come and we took the boys with us and it turned out to be so much fun!!!! They were so good ( Maybe cause we gave them Tylenol) but they were so cute all night. Tate kept telling me how beautiful I was and gave me all these kisses, they were not climbing all over or fighting it was just a fun night out with my family. :)

Sunday was Tex and I's 7th anniversary and we were planning on just hanging out and making some dinner with the boys sense it was Sunday but around 4:00 Dustin & Janessa Millward who  live in the other Parc central  called  and asked if they could watch our boys while we had the afternoon together, so we went to the beach. It was so pretty, a little windy but so gorgeous! We took two blankets with us that we could sit on but we wanted to walk for a bit so we hid them underneath  these stacked lawn chairs and walked for  5 min down the beach and when we got back they were gone! We looked for a while chased a few people down that had the same color blankets to see if they were ours but no luck. We hung out on the life guard tower for a while and talked, we watched this older man stand in the water waiting for waves to knock him over he was very entertaining. It was a very fun weekend and am thankful to those that watched my kids so me and Tex could be together and for the time we got to spend as a family. I love my little family so much!

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Twitterpaited!!

 We went to Amelia Earhart park again on Tuesday (March 5th 2013) With our friends the Simmons and of course it was so much fun. Tate loves Ruby In fact last night when I was at mutual Tex put in the movie Bambi and the three of them watched it. The part of the movie when they have all grown up and are noticing the opposite sex and getting all twitterpaited, they would laugh when each one was seeing the girl they liked and then Tate said you know when I saw Ruby in the parking lot... He feel back on the couch and laughed a little and said I got twitterpaited!!! Later that night Peyton had fallen off the bed and was crying so Tex went in to calm him down and help him back into bed, Tate who was fast a sleep yelled out I am twitterpaited!! He is only almost 5 and is getting twitterpaited I am nervous for the future and girls! :)

 Tate had soccer that same day and it was so beautiful out side. Tex has not been able to come watch Tate for a while so it was fun to all hang out at the park as a family and watch Tate. :)

 The next morning though was not so awesome. Me and Tex had been really dumb the night before and watched a movie and stayed up way to late. The boys woke up at 630 and they don't usually wake up until 8- 830 so I feel asleep on the ground in the living room and Peyton woke me up saying Mom I'm Iron Man!! He had written with permanent red marker all over himself and the carpet! It has been 3 days and you can still see Iron Man on him. :)

 This was Yesterday ( March 7 2013) Lots of people in our ward got together for a BBQ at Dania Beach and it was lots of fun. The water was a little cold but it was so beautiful out side we were there from 2- 6. The boys played and were so wore out at the end of the day. Even though I am really ready for a change of pace and scenery I should admit that I will miss the beautiful ocean the warm days in winter. I am glad we get to come back for a final semester before residency.