Saturday, March 16, 2013

29th Birthday/7 year together!! (March 16th 2013)

One week ago today I turned 29 years old! Its so crazy, when your 18 you think you will never turn 30 cause it seems so old, but here I am a year away from it. It started at 6 in the morning with Tate who had been up all night with Tex, he was complaining that his ear hurt. We were on our way to the ER cause we could not find a urgent care, when we were driving out of the parking garage Tate said  " I think I can wait for the doctors to open?" so we went back up stairs and I made breakfast and at 8 we took him to the doctors office and sure enough he had an ear infection! After we got all that figured out Tex let me go and get a pedicure, it was so relaxing and my toes look so cute! One of the Young Women (Adriana Valadez) came over around noon and watched the boys while we went out, we went to the gulf stream and walked around had lunch at the Yard House, we went to the mall and shopped. It was so great cause shopping with kids is so hard so just being able to walk in and out of a store with out having to say " don't touch that", " stay close", "please come here"! It was fun to hang out with just Tex!!

 Later that night we were going to have another friend watch the boys while we went to cheese cake factory for dinner but when we got home and Adriana left the boys were being so whiny and green stuff was coming from Peyton's nose and we didn't want Jen Davis to get sick, she is pregnant and you cant take anything if you get sick. So we called her and told her not to come and we took the boys with us and it turned out to be so much fun!!!! They were so good ( Maybe cause we gave them Tylenol) but they were so cute all night. Tate kept telling me how beautiful I was and gave me all these kisses, they were not climbing all over or fighting it was just a fun night out with my family. :)

Sunday was Tex and I's 7th anniversary and we were planning on just hanging out and making some dinner with the boys sense it was Sunday but around 4:00 Dustin & Janessa Millward who  live in the other Parc central  called  and asked if they could watch our boys while we had the afternoon together, so we went to the beach. It was so pretty, a little windy but so gorgeous! We took two blankets with us that we could sit on but we wanted to walk for a bit so we hid them underneath  these stacked lawn chairs and walked for  5 min down the beach and when we got back they were gone! We looked for a while chased a few people down that had the same color blankets to see if they were ours but no luck. We hung out on the life guard tower for a while and talked, we watched this older man stand in the water waiting for waves to knock him over he was very entertaining. It was a very fun weekend and am thankful to those that watched my kids so me and Tex could be together and for the time we got to spend as a family. I love my little family so much!

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