Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Tate is Hilarious!!! He said to me yesterday when I was getting ready to go to the park " Mom this is what boys say", "Whats going on in there lets get this show on the road!" The things that come out of his mouth on a regular basis crack me up!!

One of the Best Sunday afternoon's/ oops on dinner

 I absolutely loved this Sunday (February 17 2013)! After we got home from church the boys played together while Tex and I watched Gator Boys on T.V, Later the boys came over and Peyton climbed on Tex's lap and Tate played with my hair. It was one of those days when you realize how lucky you are!! I have such a wonderful little family and we are so blessed, I could not be more happy or grateful. :)
 The Best Part of the day or I should say the funniest part was dinner. We were having are friend Carine over for dinner because it was her birthday and we had this yummy roast with carrots and onion in the crock pot it had been cooking all day and it smelled so good. We had everything out on the table ready to go and Tex was transferring the food from the crock pot to a glass bowl, he picked it up to bring it to the table and it exploded in his hands!! He didn't move for like 5 min he kept saying I can't believe it one min I was holding it and the next I wasn't. Glass was every where. I tried to eat a piece thinking we could still eat it and I chomped on some glass. So me and Carine had to run over to Publix and grab a chicken and salad for dinner, I felt really bad buying on Sunday but what do you do?  It was such a good day even with are messed up dinner. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Out to dinner at the Flame in South Beach(Latif's brithday dinner)

What a fun night in South Beach! We never go down to South beach its like 35 min from Aventura and its hard to take Kids down there. We had a great time! I loved this street it was so cool. Shops and restaurants the cool lights on the trees. The food was okay I would never go back because the food was out of this world or anything but it looked really fancy. Tex and I got all dressed up and I really loved getting to know his class mates people he is with all the time, now I can picture people's faces when he is telling me stories.
 This Man was so funny :) Don't know this guy at all but he wanted to take a picture with us so we were happy to oblige.


 I don't know why but I love this picture of Peyton sitting so quite drawing with his cheek sitting in his hand. I love this little boy so much!!
Also didn't ever want to forget that my boys are both obsessed with strawberry shortcake! The other day he walked in the kitchen to ask Tex for a glass of water and while he was waiting he said to Tex, "I know its a girl movie but I love it!"

 Also just thought it was so sweet when Tate found these faces that he got in primary class when we were in Utah from his Aunt Breanna and was so excited to find them but Peyton didn't have any and was sorta freaking out so Tate went and made him one and then came and asked me for a stick. He has the sweetest little heart!

Amelia Earhart Park (February 2nd and 9th)

 We went to this park on February 2 and then again on February 9th so this is two separate times. We loved this park  it is so beautiful! It has everything, goats, horses, geese, lakes, playground, rock wall, trees every where... I love it

 The first time we were at the park we went into this huge pasture that had like 6 or 7 horses. The boys love horses so we were walking around petting them. This one had the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen! I have never seen a  horse with blue eyes. While we were walking around we kept telling the boys "stay close", "don't walk behind the horses they will kick." They were doing okay but then Tate walked up to a white horse and was petting his head when Peyton walked away from this horse to be with Tate. I turned around right when I saw him pet the horse Tate was standing next to on the butt. I didn't have any time to react but screamed Peyton NO!! I was too late obviously the horse took a step forward and then kicked Peyton in the neck he spiraled in the air twice and hit the ground. I ran over to him and picked him up he was really pale and a bruise was starting to form on the side of his neck, we sat down with him and made sure he could still swallow and after he calmed down he was fine. It could have been a lot worse I so glad he is okay and hopefully he learned his lesson? Not that I want my kids to get hurt to learn lessons but some times it the only way?

                      Tate is such a good climber so he seriously loved this rock wall!

 The second time we went we found this stream that emptied into a dirty lake. Tate fell in and got all wet, while he was playing he didn't mind at all but when we were leaving he was all bummed he was wet. He said the funniest thing on the way out of the park. There were a whole bunch of Geese in the water as we were walking out and they were making geese sounds and Tate asked me " What are the saying? I said " they are probably saying good by because the park is closing." Tate said " Are you sure they are not making fun of me sense I am walking funny cause I am wet?" I could not help but laugh so hard "of course they are not making fun of you, they are just saying by to us and that they want us to come again."

Another thoughtful conversation with Tate

A few days ago we (me and the boys) were driving down Collins Ave so I could meet up with the Young Women's president and one of the Young Women in our ward. I had a really bad headache so I had no music on and was not talking, so we were driving in silence. Out of the blue Tate said to me Mom?? I want another baby? I said you do? He said yeah a sister cause I have never had a sister. I told him that I wanted another baby too and we would talk to dad about it when he got home. He then said okay this is how it should be... I need another brother so first a sister another brother and then a sister again, that is a big family. He obviously has put a lot of thought into it and it was very sweet to hear him talk about wanting another sibling. Some times Tate and Peyton fight but he really is the cutest big brother. A few nights ago I made spaghetti and Peyton through a huge fit, he kept screaming not that!!! Not that!!!! He pulled his chair across the room throwing his fit.. and I was so exhausted and tired of the fits that I just ignored it. I was getting everything else ready and could hear Tate saying "just try it buddy its really good". Peyton calmed down and when I came out of the kitchen Peyton had moved his chair back to the table and was shoveling the spaghetti in his mouth, Tate said "see Peyton its really good." They ate all there dinner and and it was an enjoyable evening, all because of sweet Tate. :) Peyton is equally wonderful and sweet when he wants to be but I am a firm believer in the terrible two's and Peyton is definitely going through that stage.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peyton and Potty training! :)

Potty training! It is February but we actually accomplished this at the beginning of January. It is a relief to be done. I was surprised how well he did.  The first few days I had to be really diligent in taking him and asking him do you have to go? But after a 3 or 4 days he just got it and would run in when he had to go and call out " Mom come look" Before I wiped he wanted me to look in the toilet to see his accomplishments. Any way it has been a month and he has only had 3 accidents and they are more my fault because I have let it go for quite a while before I ask if he has to go and he has forgotten and then it was to late. On to other projects and goals, glad we got that one out of the way early. :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Circus

 There is no way to adequately express how much fun I had unless you have been. I think I probably had more fun then my boys.

 You can't really see how cool this was but these guys did the most amazing tricks on these horses going  like 40 mph around this little ring. It was seriously incredible!!

             Of course it was so amazing to see the guy in the fence with all the lions and tigers, it would freak me out, I would for sure never have the nerve to do it. It made for a cool show though.

    They fit 8 bikers in this ball and they were all going like 40 mph.  I think? They were going fast and  it was awesome!! I'm not really doing a good job of explaining how much fun it was but it was Awesome and I hope to go again some day!

Sanibel Island day trip

                                                 Sanibel Island with my beautiful family!

 I feel so bad I have not written anything for a month. January was the very opposite of December! December I was drama free and so much fun!We did have a lot of fun in Sanibel at the first of January though. We have been here once before when we very first moved here. Peyton was like 4 or 5 months old and it was a lot colder so we were all bundled up, it was still beautiful but a lot different this time around. It was a really short trip, up and back but the beach was so pretty and we ate in a little cafe the food was okay and then drove back. Next time I think it would be better for everyone if we made it a little longer trip.

                 A dead crab that the boys thought was Awesome!!

           This is right out side the cafe we ate in. Wish I could remember the name of it. :(
Any way good times being with the little boys and being on a different beach, we needed a little change and Sanibel did the trick.