Friday, November 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

 The last of the Twilght Saga! :( It was sooooo good! It seriously blew my mind. I almost walked out because I thought it was not staying true to the book. I am glad I stayed. I was sweating and shaking in parts. They did a great job. I looked so bad that night. But I wore my breaking dawn t shirt that my friend Miche gave to me, we had a blast. I guess in some ways I am glad it is over cause I am or was way to emotionally invested in the characters so now maybe I can move on with my life. :)  Any way fun night.

The past few days

 This is a cute picture of the boys feeding the birds. We walked over to the mall with Brittany Durfey and her little boy Ritter and she had old bread. The boys thought it was so fun.

 These are not the best Pictures but It was such a fun day Wednesday the 14th of November we went as a family to see the Movie Wreck it Ralph. Way cute Movie, Tate loved it!! Peyton sat through it way better then I thought he would too. Any way we went to the movie and then played in the play area at the mall. We took naps when we got home and then we  went to Tate's soccer practice. We played at the park for a while after and then I had mutual that night. It was just such a good day. :)

Young Women In Excellence (November 11th 2012)

 Our Young Women In Excellence was on November 11th and boy was I glad that it was over. It was a great night but it was a lot of work and our First and Second counselors are useless!!!!! So it was just me and Jen putting it all together. The Theme was Who is your Hero and we used the posters from the realhero web site. They are such pretty posters. The girls had a scripture Hero Journal that we gave out about 3 or 4 weeks early and they were to work on it every day until Night of Excellence. They chose a Hero from the young women values and was suppose to get to know that women and then give a 1 to 2 min talk on her for the program. I love our girls but they are a special bunch not a one worked on it in the time given them, they put there talks together a couple min before they came that night, which made for an interesting program. Any way it was a great night and I am glad it is over. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


 The day after Halloween we were so Excited cause Tex was done with all his Exams and has a lighter month so we played all day had chipotle for dinner and came home and got every one ready for bed. The boys did not take naps so they were both tired specially Peyton! We had everything arranged for the next day to go to the temple. It was about 10:00 and Peyton was itching his head like Crazy!!! I told Tex he had been for a day or too, so with a flash light he started looking through his hair he feel asleep on his belly while we were looking and that is when we found the Lice :(!!!!!!!!! by then it was  10:30 and his head was crawling with them, Tex went to go get the lice shampoo while I went a little crazy I started cleaning and washing and Cloroxing (found our later most of what I was doing was not helping) We had to wake up Peyton to do the shampoo wait 10 min and wash it out then put the gel that was suppose to kill the egg's or (Nit's) again found out later that it does nothing) rinsed that out and did it to Tate even though when we looked through his hair we didn't see anything. Then put the boys to bed and around 12:30 and started on my hair then Tex. We ended up going to bed around 2:30 and did not go to the temple. I cleaned all morning kept washing things. When the boys woke up I took off the bed sheets an pajamas and put them in the wash. I think I very literally was going crazy so Tex said lets get out of hear, so we went to our favorite place Miami seaquarium. We found a huge iguana the Tex chased around trying to catch and when he finally did he broke his tail off.

 It was nice to be out of the house for a while! Saturday when I was out running some errands I called a sister in our ward to tell her to tell her husband that my husband would not be able to teach because he would be home with our kids. She had been told about our head visitors and asked about them, her family has had it twice in the past so she has had her fare share of experiences with Lice. I told her what I had been doing and that is when I found out that some of what we were doing was not really going to help. She told me that the only way to be sure you are getting everything is to get the stainless steal comb that you order online. like I said must have been going nuts cause I started crying( that is all that really needs to be said) I didn't know what I was doing and felt like the bugs were never going to go away. This amazing women offered to bring the comb and drive 40 min on a Saturday evening to comb through my family's hair and I accepted. She will for ever be a Hero to me for the service that she gave to my family. She has been available and willing to answer all my questions and I love her so much!!!  This picture of Tex is one of the last nights we combed through each others hair ( we ordered our comb right away) I wish I could make sure that lice ever came back but at least I know what to do if it does and on top of that learned that I would take a cold or even the stomach virus over lice and that I always want for the rest of my life give of my self as Tiffany did for me. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

(October 31st) Halloween 2012

                                      Batman!!    and     The Hulk   For Halloween

Halloween Party at are ward Yesterday, lots of fun but lots of work. The Young Women Organization was in charge of the party so me and Jen and a few other were setting up yesterday morning from 930-1:00. It turned out really good though. My kids had so much fun playing the games and trunk er treating. Too much candy though they were bouncing off the walls last night. Green paint everywhere I think I will wait and do paint tell they are a little older.

                                      Are Awesome Family pictures with the Orange wall!!

Even though I was running in every direction yesterday and I have vowed to be more prepared in the future and I was seriously so tired when the day was done, especially cause Tex was studying for a really hard Exam and I did most of the day with out his help. It was a good day, I am glad Tex was able to leave for a minute to come to the party, we have lots of good friends in our ward and the best part is we have tons of candy now. :)

(October 29th) Sugar Cookies

 (I failed to mention that the post before was not on October 31st it was on October 25th)
  This was day was on October 29th, I am just so behind on my entry's. This day was a lot of fun and a lot of work. It was awesome because it was like 57 degrees out side and I have been craving some Utah weather!! I want to wear jeans and a jacket and feel my nose and fingers get a little red and cold. It is perfect weather right now. After we played at the park for like 2 hours we walked over to Publix and got all the stuff to make sugar cookies and home made icing. Peyton took a nap and me and Tate made cookies and icing. My kitchen was so messy it was nuts but I had so much fun hanging out with Tate!!!

        Peyton woke up to have some yummy sugar pumpkin cookies! later we had are friends Matt and Jen Davis over for dinner. I have to say It was one of the best days in the week.

Hurrican Sandy

 This was in the afternoon, even though Sandy did not affect us directly we still got tons of rain and lots and lots of wind, Peyton was getting blown away!!! I have not felt good the last 2weeks I have had bronchitis I did not want to take them out side all I wanted to do is lay on the couch but they were going crazy so we went out side to ride the scooters. I am so glad that I did cause these pictures are priceless!!
 Dad Picked us up when we were trying to walk inside and let the boys help him park.
                                               Hurricane Sandy

 Later that night we drove over to the Bishop's house (he was giving me an antibiotic) my doctor could not see me for two weeks and I was feeling so sick and have had it for a few weeks now. Any way while we waited for my antibiotic we went to Party City to get a few things for Halloween costumes and we parked right next to this tree. This shows you how bad the wind was. I feel so bad for the people that Sandy affected in the North East. Even though I didn't feel good at all it was still such a fun night being with my family!

 This though is what my house looked like this week and I didn't even care! On to better days and weeks!