Friday, November 16, 2012

Young Women In Excellence (November 11th 2012)

 Our Young Women In Excellence was on November 11th and boy was I glad that it was over. It was a great night but it was a lot of work and our First and Second counselors are useless!!!!! So it was just me and Jen putting it all together. The Theme was Who is your Hero and we used the posters from the realhero web site. They are such pretty posters. The girls had a scripture Hero Journal that we gave out about 3 or 4 weeks early and they were to work on it every day until Night of Excellence. They chose a Hero from the young women values and was suppose to get to know that women and then give a 1 to 2 min talk on her for the program. I love our girls but they are a special bunch not a one worked on it in the time given them, they put there talks together a couple min before they came that night, which made for an interesting program. Any way it was a great night and I am glad it is over. 

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