Thursday, November 1, 2012

(October 31st) Halloween 2012

                                      Batman!!    and     The Hulk   For Halloween

Halloween Party at are ward Yesterday, lots of fun but lots of work. The Young Women Organization was in charge of the party so me and Jen and a few other were setting up yesterday morning from 930-1:00. It turned out really good though. My kids had so much fun playing the games and trunk er treating. Too much candy though they were bouncing off the walls last night. Green paint everywhere I think I will wait and do paint tell they are a little older.

                                      Are Awesome Family pictures with the Orange wall!!

Even though I was running in every direction yesterday and I have vowed to be more prepared in the future and I was seriously so tired when the day was done, especially cause Tex was studying for a really hard Exam and I did most of the day with out his help. It was a good day, I am glad Tex was able to leave for a minute to come to the party, we have lots of good friends in our ward and the best part is we have tons of candy now. :)

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