Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurrican Sandy

 This was in the afternoon, even though Sandy did not affect us directly we still got tons of rain and lots and lots of wind, Peyton was getting blown away!!! I have not felt good the last 2weeks I have had bronchitis I did not want to take them out side all I wanted to do is lay on the couch but they were going crazy so we went out side to ride the scooters. I am so glad that I did cause these pictures are priceless!!
 Dad Picked us up when we were trying to walk inside and let the boys help him park.
                                               Hurricane Sandy

 Later that night we drove over to the Bishop's house (he was giving me an antibiotic) my doctor could not see me for two weeks and I was feeling so sick and have had it for a few weeks now. Any way while we waited for my antibiotic we went to Party City to get a few things for Halloween costumes and we parked right next to this tree. This shows you how bad the wind was. I feel so bad for the people that Sandy affected in the North East. Even though I didn't feel good at all it was still such a fun night being with my family!

 This though is what my house looked like this week and I didn't even care! On to better days and weeks!


  1. That tree being uprooted with the grass is amazing. Glad you are all safe.

    1. I thought the same thing! I took so many Pictures cause I thought it was so crazy!