Thursday, June 25, 2015

June has begun

 June 2nd- Tate had his last day of Kindergarten. He got the Physical Education award, I thought it was really funny because it suits him so well. He loves to eat healthy and I always find him doing some work out video from beach body like hip hop abs :)  Love this little boy.

 June 5th- (Below) Utah bound! Family vacation fun and adventures await us.

 June 6th- This was the Herriman Rodeo, Peyton was signed up along with his cousin Parker (Jacob and Emily's kid) to do Mutton Bustin. They ride a sheep and hang as long as they can. It was freezing cold. It poured rain on us right after the 13 kids riding the sheep were finished. Peyton didn't win but he did great, he got a free pair of cow boy boots from AA Callister worth $60 but more importantly he had fun.

 June 7th- Family dinner, not much more to say other than I love sitting around this table with family!

  Monday June 8th- Before we left Florida we Signed the boys up for Track and Field at Cotton Wood High school. These are the pictures from the first practice. We have been to two track meets and 6 or so practices and I think I am learning they are mid distances runners. Tate does great at the 400 meter dash and Peyton does well at the 200 meter dash.

 Later that day we took family pictures, my friend Amber Masters took them and I think they turned out great! These are not all of them but when I get more I will add them in.

June 9th- Was Bethany's 20th Birthday. We all went and had pedicures and then later that night me and Tex went on a triple date with Clint and Teresa Larsen and Lee and Miche Barbosa. Miniature golf and Mulligans and Ice cream at Cullvers. Love these friends!