Monday, January 30, 2012

Holy Hair Peyton! I know every body thinks you look like a little girl but i love those curls. Today we walked to the park on Collins and 172nd and let me tell you walking over that causway is no fun at all! We finally made it and it was fun to hang out with our friends. They both wanted to swing so we copied Coly and i thought they looked so cute swinging together. They had fun too. When we got home i am not sure why but i was cold so after making dinner I took a shower and in the middle of my shower I had a little friend come visit with his clothes and all. He was just hangin out playing in the water didn't even care that he was fully clothed. It was funny and hopefully will be one of those things that we laugh about around the dinner table when he is older. The 4th year Podiatry students came back then end of this month and it has been so fun to have them back. Also a big thing is past week Peyton is no longer drinking a bottle before naps and before bed I have been thinking for a while that i needed to stop he is 19 months and doesn't need a bottle but was so afraid to stop, thinking that he would cry for ever and never take a nap of take for ever to fall asleep at night but one day i just made sure he had eaten really good at dinner and after we brushed teeth and said prayer we all said night night and took him in the bed room and said time to go to sleep, He laid down and i put the blanket over him and that is it. Such a huge blessing. He slept through the night when he was 2 months and has never really had a problem i feel so lucky for a good sleeper. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

A few quick things

We are in that phase now where Peyton wants to feed himself badly but makes the most gigantic mess ever and we are washing clothes all the time. I need to start stripping him down before every meal. He loves it though he feels so independent so what ever i can do to help him learn how to take care of himself the better even if that means lots of messes for a while.  Also Tate did two things this morning that were so grown up and have to write them down so i don't  forget how freaking adorable he is. Are kitchen table is pushed up against a wall so unless we pull it out every time ( witch i hate doing) only three people can sit and one has the booster seat for Peyton so.. Peyton was sitting in the booster, Tate was sitting in the middle and Tex was sitting on the opposite side of  Peyton, I normally sit next to Peyton were Tate was sitting this morning but didn't want Tate to have to move so i went to go get a bucket in the Kitchen, the place were i was going  put the bucket were some shoes and when i returned before i could put the bucket down to move the shoes Tate had jumped down off his seat and moved the shoes so i could put the bucket down. I asked Tex did you tell him to do this and Tex said No he hadn't. Tate on his own had seen the need to move the shoes because he new i was going to put the bucket were I did and moved the shoes for me. Such a good helper and pretty grown up I think, he is not even 4 yet and can think very logically the more I learn about him and his personality I love him and am so thankful Heavenly father blessed are family with him. Also about half hour later Peyton   found a cup of water next to my bed that he was drinking out of and Tate wanted a drink so he asked Peyton if he could have a drink but Peyton was not sharing so he yelled to me Mom!!! Peyton is not sharing!! I came in the room and asked Peyton " Peyton can you please share with your brother Peyton shook his head no and before i could asked Peyton again Tate said "he isn't".. So i looked at Tate with a Penetrating gaze and was about to say hold on Tate i am working on it. When he said " O sorry this is your deal" I was able to get Peyton to share and all was well but i couldn't help but laugh a little when Tate said it cause it was such a grown up thing to say. O My how i love them!! :)

This Week

O my goodness these boys are so cute! We drove up to the Orlando Temple Friday the 20th. Are friend Sierra came with us so Tex and I could go to the same session. She took these pics of the boys. I love this Temple it is so beautiful. These boys mean the World to me and looking at these pictures of these sweet boys in front of the Temple makes me so glad they are mine forever. We have a forever family and I couldn't be more grateful for the gospel. I felt the biggest difference walking in to the temple, every time I go to the temple and I walk in those doors I am reminded how true this church is and my Testimony is Strengthened. Earlier in the week we went to the aquarium again with the Simmons. Tate and there little girl Ruby get along really well. It was a very fun day. We also had so much fun waiting in the sprint store getting the phone Grandpa sent activated, it was almost 2 hours and for sitting in that stroller the whole time the two boys were really good. This Evening we went to Josh and Sierra's to hang out for a little while, Tate likes to climb the tree they have in the back yard. On are way home he asked me if we could listen to Michael Jackson I put it on,... So funny when the song started he started dancing and said " O ya baby come on work it out" while he is dancing his little heart out. Peyton started dancing shaking his head and moving his hands around in circles, as cheesy as it sounds it was one of those times i felt as the scriptures would say Joy and rejoicing in my posterity. We all danced and laughed with the windows down singing and enjoying being a little family How lucky I am for my boys and my husband. On a little downer note are good friends Adam and Carrie Richins are moving and there last day was today. She became such a good friend and Tate was besties with there little girl Audrey, i am going to miss them so much but wish them luck on there new adventure.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today was the First day we all ate at the dinner table together as a family, I mean Peyton sitting in the high chair instead of on the table in the bumbo. So cute he is getting so big I seriously can't believe it. Today at dinner Tex was about to say prayer and Tate said "but i didn't get to say it last year" meaning but I didn't get to say it the last meal time so can I say it? Love those little things he says that really make no sense. Tonight for bed time we read 2 books with Tate and then the Scriptures and he know the Peter Rabbit book almost by heart and we recorded him telling me the story so so so cute  I couldn't stop smiling. :) These little ones drive me so crazy some times but they are so darn cute and I don't know what i would do with out them. This Monday is a Holiday so we are going to go with a group of friends to the Miami sea aquarium, I am excited it will be lots of fun.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Update :)

I have missed telling so much good stuff and now I can't even think of all of it. The Other day Tate said to me " Mom, Dad is taking forever" meaning when is he coming home from school? I said I know buddy I am sorry he is as school he will be home soon. He Said "it's okay cause we all have each udder". O my goodness so cute!! Today i Received a Package from my Friend Miche who is in Utah right now has been sense a little before Christmas. She sent cute books for the boys, Me a book about Parenting and the Scriptures, some lip balm, a little Nephi puzzle for Tate it was such a fun thing to get in the mail today. Tonight we went to play Volley Ball with some friends in between the Two Parc Central Buildings. Maryanne and Brad, Dustin and Janessa Millward, Amy and Adam Simmons and Mark and Laura Evans. It was so fun i stink but it was still lots of fun. We had pizza after and hung out and talked. I will miss that when we move to are Residency, All the friends hanging out with all are kids running around screaming. Its going to be even more fun because some of the other couples that have been gone doing Rotations will be here in the next few day, so it will be a party all the time. Peyton is going to be 19 months soon. He is saying Apple, Moon, Tate, Momma Daddy, More and can sorta sign it as well, Thank you and can sorta sign it, b ball for Basketball, Hut Hut ball for Foot ball, Num Na for food or snack i cant think of any others he probably does but i just cant think right now. He has almost all his teeth and is still such a good sleeper naps and through the night. I wish i could think of all the cute things they have done this week, I need to get on once a day and say just a little cause I want to remember all this Awesome stuff they do. Maybe even though it is almost Middle of January i should do some pic and post one for everyday. We will see?

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's January!

So I hope we wont have any other mishaps for a while, I'm thinking the Fire Ants, Hand Foot and Mouth, Nasty colds for Dad and Peyton and then of course are neighbor Maria's dog Max Bit a little chunk out of Peyton's upper lip on New years day. I was over saying hi thanking her for a dessert she had her daughter bring by and Peyton went up to pet the dog and it launched at his face and made good contact. My sweet friend Carrie Richins watched Tate for me so i could go with Tex to the children's ER. Peyton was such a little trooper tell the pinned him down in what looked like a straight jacket and put 2 stitches in his lip. It has been a week and it looks amazing, no infection and i am so thankful. Also for the first year Dad got a hair cut and he so handsome especially with those new glasses. He can see everything so much better and is such a little Hottie. Love you so much Hun. :) Tex is back to school, i called him today and he said i had sorta dosed off during the lecture in his first class when he heard one his class mates ask the professor if he was ok he was sitting on a table when he was giving the lecture and he just stopped and was starring into space mumbling something in Spanish. When i called they were out side the class room and the EM T's were with the professor. Any way hope he is okay. I miss Tex and all the hanging out are little family did, but also nice to see my friends that i didn't see while spending time with Tex. I was released from my calling as Mia Maide advisor and called as the Young Women's Secretary Yesterday. I have never done this before so it will be challenging and fun learning opportunity for me. I will be working with a Jen Isom who is going to be a great President. Every day learning and growing. Thankful for good friends and and Awesome Husband. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new Year!

Love this video of my boys swimming and Peyton with his new found freedom in the water he loves those floaty's. Tate is a little Fish and can hold his breath forever. Some times i get nervous thinking he is drowning and then he pops up and then goes back down for another dive. we did a lot of pool time this break with Tex. This year was are first New Years Eve just are little family, Peyton has a bad cold but it was so fun we got yummy food and got out Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders to play with the boys, it was unsuccessful of course because Peyton is still too little and kept trying to take are pieces. When we finally abandon are plan to play games Peyton decided to look at his books he was very cranky, he really was not feeling good at all he can't breath at all but is still as cute as ever.  After the boys were finally a sleep Tex and  I finished the Hunger Games. Loved the book not sure how I love the end of that book hope it all ends good.

   A new year.... Today is the First day of the First month of this New Year and I am determined to not let it pass with out learning something new and accomplishing my  New years resolutions. I don't want to get a head of my self but the number 1 thing I want to focus on is Patience if I really am going to get Pregnant this year having another baby means a lot more Patience so I am going to work hard and be very conscious of how i react to things especially with my boys. Number 2 getting healthy back to Insanity and Running, and last finish up all the half projects I am in the middle of, I will start there.       This year has had its ups and downs like Finding out that A cousin i look up to and love very much lost her 2 year old little girl made me realize how fragile this life is and how important it is to have a strong testimony to fortify you when those awful storms come, Tex  getting three really low grades that threatened 5th year program, Tex's hit in run that he decided to chase down and then got hit again, a few friends from Florida left for 8 months or so for rotations witch left me missing them, Learning and growing in are Ward can be a struggle at times but Really when i think of the Ups compared to the Downs i find there are way more ups and i see the lords hands in are life witch makes me pause and think for a minute? Why do i complain so much. Some of are ups... My family (Sister Breanna and Brother Brenton First, then Mom , Dad  and sister Bethany a day after them) That was so fun the beach with my brother and sister, reading with my sister Bethany my mom helped me sew a pillow. We went down to the Everglades and did a boat ride Dad and i Joking the whole time about who's GPS was  better. Visiting Utah in July was so fun i know challenging at times but so fun to be with my family who i love so dearly,  I believe this year will be a great year and even more so if i keep a good attitude. :) Cant wait for another Year of Adventure.