Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new Year!

Love this video of my boys swimming and Peyton with his new found freedom in the water he loves those floaty's. Tate is a little Fish and can hold his breath forever. Some times i get nervous thinking he is drowning and then he pops up and then goes back down for another dive. we did a lot of pool time this break with Tex. This year was are first New Years Eve just are little family, Peyton has a bad cold but it was so fun we got yummy food and got out Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders to play with the boys, it was unsuccessful of course because Peyton is still too little and kept trying to take are pieces. When we finally abandon are plan to play games Peyton decided to look at his books he was very cranky, he really was not feeling good at all he can't breath at all but is still as cute as ever.  After the boys were finally a sleep Tex and  I finished the Hunger Games. Loved the book not sure how I love the end of that book hope it all ends good.

   A new year.... Today is the First day of the First month of this New Year and I am determined to not let it pass with out learning something new and accomplishing my  New years resolutions. I don't want to get a head of my self but the number 1 thing I want to focus on is Patience if I really am going to get Pregnant this year having another baby means a lot more Patience so I am going to work hard and be very conscious of how i react to things especially with my boys. Number 2 getting healthy back to Insanity and Running, and last finish up all the half projects I am in the middle of, I will start there.       This year has had its ups and downs like Finding out that A cousin i look up to and love very much lost her 2 year old little girl made me realize how fragile this life is and how important it is to have a strong testimony to fortify you when those awful storms come, Tex  getting three really low grades that threatened 5th year program, Tex's hit in run that he decided to chase down and then got hit again, a few friends from Florida left for 8 months or so for rotations witch left me missing them, Learning and growing in are Ward can be a struggle at times but Really when i think of the Ups compared to the Downs i find there are way more ups and i see the lords hands in are life witch makes me pause and think for a minute? Why do i complain so much. Some of are ups... My family (Sister Breanna and Brother Brenton First, then Mom , Dad  and sister Bethany a day after them) That was so fun the beach with my brother and sister, reading with my sister Bethany my mom helped me sew a pillow. We went down to the Everglades and did a boat ride Dad and i Joking the whole time about who's GPS was  better. Visiting Utah in July was so fun i know challenging at times but so fun to be with my family who i love so dearly,  I believe this year will be a great year and even more so if i keep a good attitude. :) Cant wait for another Year of Adventure.

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