Monday, January 9, 2012

It's January!

So I hope we wont have any other mishaps for a while, I'm thinking the Fire Ants, Hand Foot and Mouth, Nasty colds for Dad and Peyton and then of course are neighbor Maria's dog Max Bit a little chunk out of Peyton's upper lip on New years day. I was over saying hi thanking her for a dessert she had her daughter bring by and Peyton went up to pet the dog and it launched at his face and made good contact. My sweet friend Carrie Richins watched Tate for me so i could go with Tex to the children's ER. Peyton was such a little trooper tell the pinned him down in what looked like a straight jacket and put 2 stitches in his lip. It has been a week and it looks amazing, no infection and i am so thankful. Also for the first year Dad got a hair cut and he so handsome especially with those new glasses. He can see everything so much better and is such a little Hottie. Love you so much Hun. :) Tex is back to school, i called him today and he said i had sorta dosed off during the lecture in his first class when he heard one his class mates ask the professor if he was ok he was sitting on a table when he was giving the lecture and he just stopped and was starring into space mumbling something in Spanish. When i called they were out side the class room and the EM T's were with the professor. Any way hope he is okay. I miss Tex and all the hanging out are little family did, but also nice to see my friends that i didn't see while spending time with Tex. I was released from my calling as Mia Maide advisor and called as the Young Women's Secretary Yesterday. I have never done this before so it will be challenging and fun learning opportunity for me. I will be working with a Jen Isom who is going to be a great President. Every day learning and growing. Thankful for good friends and and Awesome Husband. :)

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