Friday, January 13, 2012

Update :)

I have missed telling so much good stuff and now I can't even think of all of it. The Other day Tate said to me " Mom, Dad is taking forever" meaning when is he coming home from school? I said I know buddy I am sorry he is as school he will be home soon. He Said "it's okay cause we all have each udder". O my goodness so cute!! Today i Received a Package from my Friend Miche who is in Utah right now has been sense a little before Christmas. She sent cute books for the boys, Me a book about Parenting and the Scriptures, some lip balm, a little Nephi puzzle for Tate it was such a fun thing to get in the mail today. Tonight we went to play Volley Ball with some friends in between the Two Parc Central Buildings. Maryanne and Brad, Dustin and Janessa Millward, Amy and Adam Simmons and Mark and Laura Evans. It was so fun i stink but it was still lots of fun. We had pizza after and hung out and talked. I will miss that when we move to are Residency, All the friends hanging out with all are kids running around screaming. Its going to be even more fun because some of the other couples that have been gone doing Rotations will be here in the next few day, so it will be a party all the time. Peyton is going to be 19 months soon. He is saying Apple, Moon, Tate, Momma Daddy, More and can sorta sign it as well, Thank you and can sorta sign it, b ball for Basketball, Hut Hut ball for Foot ball, Num Na for food or snack i cant think of any others he probably does but i just cant think right now. He has almost all his teeth and is still such a good sleeper naps and through the night. I wish i could think of all the cute things they have done this week, I need to get on once a day and say just a little cause I want to remember all this Awesome stuff they do. Maybe even though it is almost Middle of January i should do some pic and post one for everyday. We will see?

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